1. MinioN

    GTA San Andreas help

    Well after you closed my thread i was in need to make another.The CD its not my its from another kid.Its the orginal CD with picture of GTA on it.After i install the game i do not put crack but it says: PLease instert the real CD or ReadMe file it says to copy and paste the files in the...
  2. MinioN

    GTA San Andreas.PLZ instant help

    I was trying GameCam.And i add GTA:SA into GAmeCam with ProfileManager.After that i was unable to play GTA.When i lounch it nothing pops up.Here what i try to fix it and nothing work: 1.I reinstall GameCam and i remove GTA SA from profiles. 2.I reinstall the game. 3.I crack it 4.I crack it...
  3. L

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

    i love this game cuz of its graphics!
  4. S

    Bleach - Inoue San

    Well after watching the latest ep of bleach i felt i needed to do what i promised to do, and that is skin his lovely inoue model :smile: Anyway i did the majoirty of this so far a while back, however tek gave me some help with it, which i tried to apply to my skin tonight the best i could...
  5. B

    Please help someone, San andreas prob on PC

    I lost my ak47 with 2000+ ammo after doing this mission "reuniting the families" for sweet. There is a part where you have to shoot cop cars while Sweet drives, and after that, my ak47 was gone. Please help me someone!
  6. ZeroNightmare

    Another San Andreas Lawsuit - Illinois

    DETAILS Friday, September 23, 2005 :: News Home :: Games :: Another GTA: San Andreas lawsuit filed An Illinois mother has filed a class action suit against Rockstar Games, claiming that her teen-age children were exposed to sexually explicit content. From The Madison St. Clair Record...
  7. Sicron

    GTA San Andreas...AO (Adults Only)now... yup...cos of Hilary Clinton...San andreas is AO now..well part is to blame themselves, but this means some major stores from what i know (is wal mart a mart...whatever? i dont live in america >.>) because they dont...
  8. J

    ESRB changes San Andreas rating

    Shacknews Anyone else a little pissed off about this? I just read about it, and my initial reaction was :shocked: I've been following it since it first hit website front pages, but I never thought it would actually come to anything. Surely such unfathomable ignorance can't change a thing...
  9. Sicron

    Need help San Andreas [Pc]

    Well i have san andreas for the pc, and i have played it blabla bla...but now it suddenly doesnt work anymore...i have tried installing new drivers, reinstalling the game....but everytime i press the icon of san andreas, it loads for one sec but doesnt do anything...does anyone know what i could...
  10. Guru_San

    new ones by the san man

    heres we updatin my sig just now, but wont b any of these just showin my wacky randomness designs black o' white (Dont ask bout these lol ¬_¬) -SaN
  11. Spunky

    San Andreas Help

    Hey, I'm doing the Import/Export stuff. Can anybody post a map and circle all of the locations for the cars? I would greatly appreciate it, as I'm sure some other people would. And for those of you who are about to say "Figure it out", suck my back, I'm frustrated.
  12. Spunky

    GTA: San Andreas Outline

    I just bought the game, along with the new tiny PS2. Here's what the game mostly has to offer. This should explain why IGN gave it a 9.9/10 (The highest rating they've ever given.) <html> <ul> <li>Car mod shops - Customize your ride with nitro, chrome bumpers, custom roofing, custom...
  13. Ravendust

    GTA San Andreas Paranormal Investigation....

    Hey this thread is for San Andreas fans who hear rumours about the Easter Eggs in San Andreas, so far I know of four, one of which i've seen. 1. Bigfoot/Sasquatch Where: Mount Chiliad When: 18:00-06:00 or thereabouts, whenever it's dark and foggy. What's supposed to happen: Bigfoot...
  14. Sicron

    Your best moment in San Andreas...*snif*

    ok this tread is about ur best, coolest, weirdest, funnest, whatever moment in san andreas u had (multiple allowed since u might get funnier moments as u advance it the game o_o ) -------------------------------------------------------------------- My most weirdest moment was, i stole a...
  15. Guru_San

    sum SAN sigz

    Meh found some sigs i wouldnt mind of posting, critz etc are welcome, but as u guys prob know they aint perfect hence why i aint using them at the mo.. cheers guys (AHH HATE IT! BAH!) hmm last one wont work cause its jpg odd.. hosts are being random today -SaN'Jess
  16. Sicron

    San Andreas

    what are u waiting for in GTA: San definitly waiting for that awesome quad bike...and the swimming no more instant death...WOOOO \o/
  17. L

    GTA : San Andreas

    W00t the game has finally been announced today as being GOLD which means mass production can start for the 12 day release. anyway picking this bad boy up?
  18. M

    San goku,W.I.P.

    here's my new model,goku.gonna model him in normal and ssj3 and maybe ssj .any crits or comments?
  19. Guru_San

    SaN has broadband!

    and it took long enough, ive been waiting AGES! Now i can play ESF, HL, TFC and all ready for HL2 so if anyone wants to play me from now on mail me or sumit, i used to be known as Sniper|{ing on TFC and i cant wait to get back into it again, off to enjoi fast fast connection speed and abuse the...
  20. Guru_San

    Guru 'gundam' SaN

    Well its 800x800 so who knows wha it is... but i like it.. There was no point to it, i was just playin about with random effects, and added some image etc -SaN *EDIT: i hate that little bar inbetween Guru and San now.... hmm, will need to edit..