1. Mastasurf

    Steam Half-Life Sale

    Steam is having a sale on Linux supported titles to celebrate the launch of their new Steam Linux client. In case you don't already have a copy of Half-life on Steam you can pick one up for $2.50. I'm not sure if this is the same for those outside the US. Maybe someone can confirm...
  2. Deverz

    It's sale time

    On steam!
  3. The Deco

    Steam summer sale 2012?

    So why didn't it begin yet? any clues?
  4. Mkilbride

    Gamefly, 75% off Summer Sale NEver bought from them before, but saw some nice deals here, a friend pointed this out to me. Maybe you'll find something you want, and remember, this is buy, not rent, Gamefly now has it's own DD, I...
  5. Skyrider

    TF2: Surprise Manniversary Update and Sale

    Big BIG update: Copy / Paste from Wiki. Ignore the extra [ ] and ; added.
  6. Suh Dude

    What games/items have you gotten from Steam's Summer Camp Sale?

    I have bought: Anomaly Warzone Earth CoD4: MW (Just to play Galactic Warfare) Just Cause 2 Magicka Monday Night Combat Sanctum Torchlight With the tickets I got Alien Breed 2, the TF2 sunglasses, and the skin pack for MNC. What games or items did you guys get? D:
  7. Mkilbride

    *RED ALERT* GTX580, the fastest single GPU, on sale for only 370$! Putting it within 5-6$ of the 6970, ATi's fastest single GPU. You also get PhysX, CUDA, and the...
  8. Deathshot

    FUNimation All on Sale Looks like you can buy all of DBZ for about $20 now on DVD. Pretty much everything is on sale right now. I went ahead and bought a bunch of stuff off here.
  9. Pain

    Some nice deals going on

    Toys R Us is having a buy 3 get 1 free deal going on. Normally they don't allow pre-orders to be used in these kinds of deals, but their website is allowing it right now. No idea if they'll fix it, but if anybody is interested in some upcoming big name titles like FFXIII or GoW3, you can use...
  10. Optional

    Steam Sale - Psychonauts

    Pyschonauts for $2 Great game. Worth way more than that.
  11. sub

    Steam Christmas Sale

    Some pretty ridiculous deals
  12. M

    Steam - Early Holiday Sale

  13. sub

    Steam Sale - Everything Off

    There are some pretty awesome sales on Steam right now, everything is discounted. I myself just bought Bioshock, Railroad Tycoon II (One of my favorite games as a kid) and Red Orchestra for about 15 bucks. I've only skimmed through the list, but some other good sales include Portal for 5...
  14. Eon

    Hopefully more happens than just a license sale. mentioned the sale of the chrono series license, hopefully it's more than that or I'm stupid and misread ****. probably just a rumor as well, but meh, there's hope.
  15. |Overlord|

    teh_pwner's hair for sale My god, what has teh world come to. Would i really liek some of Jeremy's hair?.
  16. G

    will esf eva b 4 sale?

    will esf eva b 4 sale? coz i dont work on mine it says connot find voiceicon.spr can sum1 help me?
  17. S

    Webmaster for sale!

    Feed me and ill manage your site. This is part of a joke but i might get something useful to do.. so let me know what you think. :\
  18. S

    cocaine for sale

    Who wants to buy some! :laff:
  19. Morrone

    Trans Sound Pack Coming Soon

    Ok thanks to a lil help from VenGaurd I've been getting started with making some new trans sounds for ESF. I warn you this is specifically my style that is being instrumented into this pack, so the critism I would like to recieve should not be about whether you like the sounds I've chosen but if...