1. Mr.Lukyas

    Happy BDay Rocky

    HB Australianianianian. Enjoy the 21st ;P
  2. Eon

    Rocky pew pew lasers fight

    rocky I challenge you because of paynors. oh yea this is Magus, changed the name. I R FIGHT
  3. Rocky

    The return of Rocky

    So its been what? like two years since I stepped in the ring. My cloak may be covered in a thick layer of dust but my claws are just as sharp as ever. That's right, Rocky is back, and ready for a new challenge, who dares to stand up to the Devil's most deadly demon?
  4. M

    Rocky Balboa

    I just back from the theater from watching the new Rocky movie, Rocky Balboa. The movie was awesome, and I felt it did the series justice. It seemed kind of short, but it was still a good movie. I recommend this movie to anyone. So has anyone else gone or going to see Rocky Balboa yet?
  5. U

    rocky balboa.........=.=

    is any one going to see that movie...... he's quitely old.........i wonder is he really can fight?
  6. M

    Rocky is back...

    Ok like all people i liked rocky when it first came out, back when sylvester stallone was a big star, but comon man what is with hollywood lately, they run out of ideas and just remake something that was done before? What is next up on the list?
  7. M

    Rocky VI

    Is anybody going to see Rocky VI? Also, what is your favorite rocky movie?
  8. Rocky

    O_o - Rocky = Back

    I was thinking of just sliding back in and pretending I never left but then I realised I was gone for ages and it wouldn't work... So yeah I've been busy with stuff (mainly WoW) and Silent Bob mentioned to me that a few people here were wondering where I went and if I'm still alive so I...
  9. Silent_Bob

    Happy Birthday Sly...I mean Rocky!!

    Yeh so it's a day late, but better late than never!! I think...meh. There shall be cake and beer tomorrow, and a joyous time had by all.
  10. TwisteR

    Rocky is Back!

    I thought this was hilarious. =D
  11. wheres_

    Rocky vs Wheres_warren: super weekend sig competition.

    OMG you asked for it, now its official. Rules: 1.) Sig must fit within standard forum parameters. 2.) Post it by Monday. And thats about all, um i suppose the other kids can decide who is the winner. No prizes, except perhaps a harshly-surfaced pineapple hurled at your face, or...
  12. T

    i challenge you rocky

    alright rocky, i'll take you up on the offer you made in the bio section, you get the honor of being my first fight ;D
  13. I


    You allign yourself with devil and anyone connected. Prove yourself worthy to be called the Devils ultimate fighter...
  14. S

    new Saiyan rebirth map.

    hey. there is a new mod called Saiyan rebirth (SR) sr website here come's the pics. (BTW it's using the dmz textures and the in-game shot is also in dmz hud) lagoon pic: WC View: ok this pic is messed but looks good in-game.: ok, n e coments???? and the pics r fuzzyish...