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You allign yourself with devil and anyone connected.

Prove yourself worthy to be called the Devils ultimate fighter...
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I accept but go easy on me, its my first time :eek:
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So my first opponent is Kelesk eh? I guess the best way to become famous is take those out at the top. Its a shame you've already been killed, I would have enjoyed sending you to meet your maker. I'll just have to settle with beating you up.
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The old metal groaned as Rocky landed on the old carrier. He folded his mechanical wings back in and as he walked along the rusty pathway the sound of his tail could be heard clinking on the metal. His orders were clear: Locate the ancient spell book that was supposedly hidden on this carrier, and eliminate any resistance.
“I can’t believe that He would send me, on this pathetic excuse of a mission, surely a lower demon could be sent to retrieve a mere book. My talents far surpass this.”

THUD! ...”Son of a ...!”

Kelesk had accidentally bumped into a can of oil, the faint sound echoed throughout the ship, Rocky barely heard it and on instinct, crept to the source of the noise. After spending an eternity in the darkest regions of hell, Rocky was adept at seeing in the dark, and had no trouble locating Kelesk who was stumbling in a dark room at the base of the carriers hull.

“Now who do you suppose that is?” Thought Rocky as he tracked Kelesk’s movements, the man looked anywhere between 25 and 30, but knowing that age doesn’t show in other worldly beings he discounted the fact that this could be a lost passenger.

Rocky grinned; perhaps this won’t be such a waste of time after all?

"This damned book has to be around here somewhere."
Suddenly Kelesk saw a shadow move out of the corner of his eye and reached for his staff. Rocky crept down to the same level as Kelesk and prepared to pounce with his Devil’s curse when…
Kelesk pulled out his staff and spun around to meet Rocky head on.

“Who are you?” - Shouted Kelesk as he glared into the eyes of his opponent.

Rocky grinned at Kelesk, “Perhaps I was a little careless with this one.” He thought

“Tell me who you are warrior, before I kill you.”

“I am called Rocky,” said the demon still grinning

Kelesk smiled, his search for the spell book could wait, he was curious about this demon. Where did he come from? Was he also searching for the book?

“Might I have the pleasure of your name, before I kill YOU?” Rocky said with a smile.

“My name is Kelesk,”

Immediately after speaking Kelesk leapt into the air and came down with his staff aimed directly at Rocky, Rocky nimbly rolled out of the way and quickly got back to his feet,

“Is that all? Mortal?”

Kelesk laughed, “I am no mortal.” Kelesk charged Rocky again this time with a ground assault,
Kelesk swung the staff, but…Rocky caught it! The two powers collided as they struggled to gain control of the situation. Kelesk kneed Rocky in the stomach and with a swift smack to the jaw with the staff he sent Rocky flying through to the next section of the ship one which had more light.
Rocky shook his head as he got to his feet; Squinting in the new bright environment, he wiped his bleeding lip with his hand, licked it and grinned. “I think I’m going to enjoy this.”

Kelesk again charged Rocky, swinging the staff angrily; Rocky with tremendous agility dodged each attack. Then…an opening!
WHAM! Rocky hits with a hard right punch to the gut followed by a back kick to the solar plexus. Kelesk was sent flying into a heap of hard metal canisters.
Kelesk slowly got back to his feet and for the first time smiled back at Rocky, “I guess we’re even.”

The two fighters slowly walked toward each other, Kelesk's eyes began to glow a dark blue, a complete contrast to Rocky’s dark red. Rocky swung with a left punch to the head, Kelesk evaded the attack by moving his head, then he attacked with his left knee to Rocky's gut, Rocky sidestepped and swung with a right punch to the chest, Kelesk caught the punch, pushed Rocky away and went for a jumping reverse crescent kick. Rocky crouched underneath the kick, then grabbed Kelesk from behind and smiled. “You go bye-bye.”


Kelesk screamed as Rocky sunk his teeth into the back of his neck. Struggling, Kelesk hit with two quick elbow jabs to the ribs, forcing Rocky to let go of the attack, but the damage had already been done. Kelesk had been hit with the Devil’s Curse, one of Rocky’s signature attacks, the poison in the bite would slowly drain Kelesk's energy, Time was of the essence now, for soon Kelesk wouldn’t be able to fight.

“You’re not bad…But I’m better.” Gloated Rocky.
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The tare closed behind Kelesk, leaving him surrounded by a foggy, wasteland of nothingness. The bare top of the aircraft carrier held nothing expected.

Inexistent planes and apparent lack of crew left the spectre believing it was a ghost ship. But within the ships hulls, evil awaited.


Kel looked around, hunting for traces of life, or anything, He is here, he has to be, but the ship offered nothing in return, the pea-soup fog clouding all traces of anything. Kelesk began to walk around; the one he was searching for had to be around somewhere.

Nearing the end of the runway lay a motionless body, Why would anyone in their right mind be lying there, looking closer Kel noticed a small trickle of blood flowing from the back of the man’s head, a blood stained crowbar lay but a few feet away, What the hell is this. . .

Kelesk stood up and walked for the door that lead to the com room. Climbing up blood stained stairs, even the railing was covered with blood so thick it no longer seemed red. The com room was no different, blood smeared across walls and controls but not a body was to be seen. The demon gave out a sigh of frustration and went back out to where the corpse lay, but no longer was it there. All that remained was the trickle of blood.

“There is something awfully strange about this boat. . Bleeding bodies don’t just walk off without leaving a mess behind them. . .”

A slight shadow cast over Kel and an eerie voice wisped around his ears, “Looking for something. . Half-breed. . ?”

Kel spun around to something not entirely human before him. Huge metal wings spaned out several feet and a metal tail curled and flicked behind the monster, tapping against the runway.

Half grinning Kel finally responded, “Not anymore.”

“Well, looking for me or not, I have a friend who would like to know the name of the man who left him lying alone out here before.” The man who had once been lying at the end of the runway walked out from behind one of the monsters wings, his face wearing an inhuman look, His eyes, a-are inhuman. . . The walking corpse before the Kel stepped forward, an agonising, pain filled groan was all it had to offer to the spectre.

“You know, playing God is not wise demon.”

The monster crossed his arms and smiled, “You will be joining them soon enough half-breed.”

Them. . ?

Without warning the corpse attacked, flailing around uncontrollably, each lifeless swing it took threw it further and further off balance as Kel easily avoided every attack it threw at him.

The low voice agitated voice of Kelesk began, mumbling the words, “Enough of these games, devil spawn. . .” as he bought the Staff of Gods to bear, thrusting it through the chest of the corpse, the cracking of several ribs didn’t even faze either fighter. As the corpse went limp Kel tore the staff from the corpse, the sound of torn tissue and flesh beginning to nauseate the monster.

Kel looked up deep into the red eyes of the monster as thick red blood ran from the staff, “Your name is Rocky correct?” The monster nodded que for a blade of the Soul Scythe to burst to life, the eyes of the spectre flashing orange.

Rocky stood seemingly unprepared for any attack the spectre had ready to launch, until Kel became overconfident, “Here, do your worst.” Kel threw the Soul Scythe to Rocky, the one blade still active and crackling with chaotic energy.

Rocky stopped, and smiled devilishly, “Fool, I don’t need this to defeat you.” And threw it away, the Scythe evaporating in a flutter of souls before it hit the ground.

“Fine, you have dug your own grave.”

“Far from. . .”

Rocky stood with his arm outstretched, palm directed at Kel. Small rings of dark purple energy flowed down around his arm to his hand, where they sunk into the back of his hand. After they stopped, a small black orb grew from his hand, and floated an inch from his palm.


The small orb skyrocketed towards Kelesk, a victorious smile grew upon Rocky’s face as Kel did not show any sign of moving, and the orb never came in contact with Kel as he slightly stepped to the side of it, the orb catching his dark energy and began spiralling wildly around him.

“Fool, you can’t kill me with that trick. This one might interest you though.” Kel raised his hand and caught the little orb, clenching his fist around it. Rocky looked on in curiosity as steam and small particles of frost began rising from his hand. As he opened it the little orb was no longer consisted of dark energy, but of pure ice.

The spectre began laughing as Rocky’s eyes widened, the orb of ice was flung at the monster, who barely moved in time, the orb clipping one of his wings freezing it. “Hmph, metal freezes nicely.” Mocked Kel summoning up another orb of ice, “Now let’s try the other.”

Rocky screamed out in anger, slamming his frozen wing against the ground shattering the ice. Then it happened, the ship let out a low groan of bending metal, the ship began to shake violently, and Kel dropped the orb, ending the story, the runway froze and shattered under the violent shaking, both fighters falling into the unknown below.

Kelesk opened his eyes, to a blurry glaze, clearing to nothing but bloodied hull walls and various munitions also coated in blood. From behind him, low groans and gurgles, much alike the ones that came from the man he had found on the runway, echoed about.
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Creaking iron and various noised emanated from the hull of the ship, combine these with the various sounds coming from the undead crew of the ship, made for a particularly interesting situation. The spectre raised himself to his feet, and looked around at the several dozen crew members, their faces pale and their eyes were inhuman. Several feet away Rocky too raised himself to his feet, only to be attacked by one of the crew. With little effort the undead crewman was thrown against a pole head first, severing its head.


“You know, you should be more gentle with them, they break easy.” Kelesk taunted.

Rocky grunted indifferently as he turned to face the cause of the current situation, Kelesk.

Another of the crew jumped at Kel’s back but never got a finger of the demon, shattering on the ground after having an ice orb plunged into its chest. Wasting no more time Kelesk began his attack on Rocky, throwing a solid ridge hand punch with his left hand which Rocky easily ducked, witnessing the advantage he had been put in the demon attack Rocky again with a low knife hand strike winding him. As Rocky gasped for air another crew member attacked wielding a crowbar which was relentlessly thrown into Rocky’s back, blood spraying from the fresh wound as more crewmen approached the now crippled fighter, the scent of blood appealing to their inhuman tastes.

“Looks like you are in a slight situation.”

Rocky looked up at his opponent, still taunting him even as these creatures attempted to devour the both of them, only to receive a stepping heel kick to the chin, launching him backward into the side of the hull crushing the zombie that had a strong hold on him. Both fell to the floor but only Rocky got back up, Foul creatures, must they interrupt this fight, they are undead, spawn of the Devil, WHY ARE THEY ATTACKING ME!

Rocky looked back at Kelesk who was now being attacked by three of the undead creatures, Rocky sat back and waited for his chance. As each of the zombies took their lifeless swings, Kelesk easily manoeuvred about them, attacking each of the zombies with precision accuracy, the last one being brought to the ground with a knee knockdown snapping the bone and half severing the leg, Rocky watch the gruesome display of violence as blood spilled out onto the ground in front of the demon. Rocky spotted his opening, the demons back was now turned and all his attention directed at the flinching creature before him. But before he could even launch the attack another two zombies attacked Kelesk, one lifelessly spear tackling him to the ground and the other wielding a machete.

A smile of satisfaction grew upon Rocky’s face as the sound of the machete plunging into the demons ribs filled his ears. Calmly he walked towards the next room, in search of his ultimate goal, weapon blueprints for his master to demonically alter.

“Chaos Control!”

A roar was heard from Kelesk as Rocky turned around, darkness filled his vision and all that he could hear from that moment forward was the sound of twisting iron and metal and one sudden jolt of pain after another shell-shocked his body, the immense clanging sound of his wings and tail slamming through each wall added to his confusion. When he came around and shook the nausea off Rocky shaped back up, facing the destruction that had been left in the demons wake. One of his wings had been partially tore from his back as he felt the warmth of blood flow from his open wounds down his back. The Chaos Control empowered tackle had sent the two through several of the ships rooms and had ended up in the captain’s quarters.

Rocky spat out a mouthful of blood and licked his lips still waring the evil smile, still through all the beating he had been through, he was able to smile, Impressive warrior, maybe he is the devil’s elite I had heard about.

Not a sound was heard from either fight, both stood, staring down each other as a small pool of blood began to for at Rocky’s feet. The sound of the creatures drew closer. The time for action was now.

Darkness began to draw into Kelesk’s vision, yet no matter how hard he fought he could not contain it, the surrounding world went black yet before him still stood the bleeding wreck that was Rocky, his voice echoing as if it were a dream, “You cannot escape your past demon!” Rocky’s eyes began to flicker back into his head, “Satan knows all . . .”

A small flash of light turned the world white, and beside him stood Cucumba.

“Cuc . . ?”

The imaged of Cuc was now burnt into Kelesk’s head as his view shot back at Rocky, “Get out of my head monster!”

“But Cuc wants to show you something.” The evil smile remained as Kelesk’s view switched back towards Cuc, his eyes widening in terror, H - his . . . four p - point shadow strike . . . Kelesk immediately dropped into a defensive position.

Bingo . . .

Rocky released his grasp on Kelesk’s mind lunching his attack with two handed hammer blow to the near defenceless demon, nailing him in the center spine, a gurgled grunt of pain was all Kelesk could muster as he dropped to one knee using an arm as balance, Rocky ruthlessly continued slamming a roundhouse kick into the demon’s upper spine forcing him onto the ground. Mindlessly continuing on his rampage Kelesk was thrown through five zombies that had mad their way to the two, severing limbs and crushing the bones of the undead creatures, finally coming to rest back in the munitions bay. Rocky jumped after Kelesk, picking him up by the neck and slamming him through a supporting pole, another section of the runway collapsing in on the now helpless Kelesk.

“Pathetic demon I know you are still alive!”

“So true . . .” Kelesk grabbed Rocky in a headlock and held on, slowly choking the monster. Slowly the life drained from him, his eyes began to close as the last few breaths of air seeped from his lungs, darkness slowly filling his vision until it all faded out.
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As the dust settled the two fighters rose to their feet. Rocky, not needing to adjust to the new darkness, instantly recognised his surroundings. They were in the Mess Hall, which was once a room where the crew members had their meals. It was now stained red from the blood of Rocky’s victims.
Unfortunately for those poor souls, when Rocky feasts on human flesh, he passes on the blood of Satan himself. Not allowing the poor souls to rest, instead charging them with new undead life.

The loud noise and sunlight made the ghouls angry, but seeing Rocky kept them in hiding. Rocky grinned bearing his fangs. “Dinner time boys” With that the ghouls ran upon the unsuspecting Kelesk who was still shaking the pain out of his head. But the Spectre was not done yet.

Using his lightning fast reflexes Kelesk easily dodged the slow moving ghouls, their fragile bodies crumbling easily from ice-charged punches, however their numbers were many and Kelesk was still weakened from the fall. He became overwhelmed by the creatures.

“What’s the matter? Halfling. Can’t handle a few ghouls?” Rocky laughed a sick, evil laugh, enjoying the work of his creations. “I know I promised to kill you, but I have more important matters to attend to.” Rocky turned and headed for the door.


“What the…?” Rocky turned back to see a Kelesk glowing over the top of the many ghoul bodies. Without warning he screamed, unleashing shards of ice throughout the room. Rocky, using his wings as a shield, barely managed to protect himself, the ghouls however, were free to head to the after life.

“I suppose you think you’re pretty clever, Halfling!’ Rocky said, anger creeping into his tone. The once quiet and confident grin began to slip from his face. “Do you have any idea who I am?”

Kelesk looked into the eyes of his opponent.
“You are a worthless slave, who does not do of his own free will, but the will of Satan who will forever be damned in hell for the rest of eternity.”

Rocky opened his mouth in retaliation but Kelesk had already begun his assault. He sent a ball of ice to the metal underneath Rocky’s feet freezing them into place. Rocky, while struggling to move, was caught with a back kick to the stomach which sent him flying into the wall where he became stuck. Kelesk, seeing an opportunity to finish Rocky, Quickly trapped him with ice, locking in his arms and legs into place. Rocky’s tail was on the other side of the wall and was of little use.

“You’ll never defeat me…” Rocky stammered; he was bleeding from his forehead.

“I think I already have…” Kelesk looked Rocky up and down. With his tremendous speed, Kelesk continuously punched Rocky. The demon, caught between metal and ice was powerless to defend himself and instead was caught with each blow. Blood spilt from many cuts. A blood pool began to form beneath the Demon. After five minutes of constant attacks Kelesk stepped back and admired his handiwork.

“You can take quite a beating. Demon” Rocky was unable to respond his face and body was covered in his own blood. As Kelesk stepped back the ice that had trapped Rocky began to crack and the demon fell to the ground in a clump.

“Hahahaha, The ultimate fighter of Satan eh? You disgust me.” Kelesk’s eyes narrowed.
“When you die and go back to see your master… Tell him Kelesk says he’s next.”

Kelesk’s taunts went deep into the mind of Rocky, tormenting his very soul. Churning up past memories, long forgotten. The world around him suddenly turned bright and red…



You pathetic mortal, I will break your body.



Master the implants had fitted perfectly onto his body.



This is what happens when you pledge your soul to Me.


“KELESK!” said Rocky as he slowly picked himself off the ground. “I did not spend an eternity of torture to go down to a fighter as pathetic as you!

“What a guy.” Kelesk thought
“Still alive I see, well I’ll just have to fix that won’t I?”

Kelesk came charging and Rocky his right fist drawn back for a haymaker.


Kelesk pulled his fist back and stared in amazement. “What is this new devilry?” Kelesk thought as he looked at the body of Rocky which remained motionless after the critical attack, Kelesk after going in for closer inspection gasped in horror. “He’s… turned to stone!” No sooner had he said that he heard a terrifying sound…

Looking back at Rocky he noticed several cracks in his body, He seemed to be breaking almost. Curiously Kelesk stepped closer when…


The outer stone coating that had encased Rocky split open in a horrific display, the demon was on all fours, his wings folded in and his tail whipping around in anticipation. The numerous cuts and bruises previously inflicted by Kelesk began to sizzle and dry up. The demon looked about his surroundings with curiosity. Till his eyes met with Kelesk’s.

“What is he?” Kelesk looked in terror as Rocky got back to his feet. The low growl that came from Rocky didn’t, help to ease Kelesk’s mind.


Rocky lunged at Kelesk. His powerful jaws nearly biting the head off of the Spectre, Kelesk rolled to one side, trying to formulate a plan in this situation. No ideas came so he decided to just play defensive until the time came. Unfortunately for Kelesk the time didn’t seem to come. This Gargoyle form was clearly some type of backup plan if things got tough.

“Why didn’t I finish him when I had the chance?” Kelesk thought. Fatigue was setting in; this new monster was relentless in its attacks. It showed no sign of tiring, nor any weaknesses. Kelesk began feeling the effects of the long battle and was getting sloppy in his technique.

“I’ve got to try and take him on before I run out of steam.” Kelesk decided to give it everything he had and lunged at the Gargoyle.


Kelesk threw everything he had into this punch. Unfortunately for him, Rocky caught the punch with his left claw and twisted it in the other direction. Kelesk screamed in agony as Rocky continued his assault with bites, clawing and scratching.


Rocky slapped Kelesk hard with his tail sending him flying into a pile of rubble. Part of the damaged runway collapsed down on top of him. Burying Kelesk.

As Rocky turned to leave his eyes flickered black. He fell to his knees; his body began changing back into its normal form. His claws receded and his size drastically reduced, his thoughts also became much clearer.
Rocky got back to his feet and surveyed the damage and his body.

“Tough luck… Halfling. But I’ve spent too much time on you. It’s time to continue with my mission.” Rocky slammed his foot into the ground, breaking the steel and revealing a hidden room. He dropped down to this new floor which had naught but a door. Opening it revealed a large hangar. In the middle of this room lay a large chest.

“I found it.” Rocky’s grin returned as he walked to the chest in the middle. While he was walking he felt a dark presence. He turned to see Kelesk at the door. Wielding the ‘Staff of the Gods’

“Impossible! Nobody survives my Gargoyle form!”

“It’s time to end this Demon.” With that both blades of the Soul Scythe were brought to life.
“I will send you back to the depths of hell!” AHHHH

Rocky knew he would stand no chance against Kelesk armed with such a weapon. “So it’s come to this?”
The brightly lit hangar went dim. Lightning crackled around Rocky. Kelesk stopped in his tracks. Looking deep into the Demon’s face he saw his eyes had become pitched black and his mouth was silently moving

“Master… I require aid in vanquishing a foe. Lend me your blade Master and I will kill him in your name.”

“As you wish... Rocky”

Kelesk watched as the ground began to tremble. The tremors were so violent that even the planes in the hangar began to move. The sound of ripping steel filled the room as the Devils Blade broke through and landed perfectly in Rocky’s open hands.

The hole made by the sword began gushing with water. Rocky’s dark shadow penetrated the pillar of water.

“At this rate, the whole ship will sink.” Kelesk thought as he readied his weapon.

“You want to end it Halfling. Then we will end it.”

As he said that Rocky hefted the massive two handed sword and charged at Kelesk, who did the same with his staff.
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Just a quick question (not sure if I'm allowed to double post but I don't wanna get this confused with my fight.) Umm if I lose the second round what happens next? Do we go onto a third round or does it just end?
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No rush i'll be asleep in an hour or so. Kelesk too since he's from the same country as me.
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As the two super powers clashed weapons, shockwaves of dark energy were sent echoing throughout the room. This severely damaged the old worn planes.

“You're pathetic weapon is no match for mine, Halfling.”

Kelesk smiled, “Oh you think so do you?” With that Kelesk twisted the staff, and used the other blade of the Soul Scythe to clip Rocky’s leg, sending him stumbling backwards. But Kelesk refused to let up. He lunged again at Rocky, who barely managed to duck under the sizzling blade of dark energy. Kelesk then used the other end and aimed to come down on Rocky’s head. Rocky managed to roll out of the way just in the nick of time. Kelesk was furious as he pulled the staff from the floor, water gushing from the newly made hole.

“You can’t evade me forever, Demon!”

Getting back to his feet Rocky smiled, “Stop talking you pathetic fool.”
Using the huge sword, Rocky swung the blade long and wide, sending Kelesk back flipping to get out of harms way. Grabbing the sword with both hands Rocky swung it vertically in an attempt to split Kelesk in half; Kelesk used the Staff of the Gods in defence and went to trip Rocky, who jumped and flipped over Kelesk with the aid of his wings, which he used to gently land on the floor, which was beginning to fill with water.

“You impress me Demon, but you will not win, that huge sword will slowly tire you out. It is inevitable.”

“How dare you talk to me like that? I cannot be defeated!” Kelesk watched as Rocky seemingly grew darker; an aura of pure dark energy was forming around the demon.


Rocky swung his sword directly at Kelesk who defended with a blade of his staff. “Impossible” Kelesk thought. “He’s too…strong” As the two warriors struggled for control, their dark energies began to consume the whole ship; sparks of dark energy began sprouting from the source. The Devils Blade and the Staff of the Gods were both being used to their full potential. “What is…going on?!?!”


The overload of dark energies was too much for the fighters to stand, the resulting explosion sending both fighters to opposite corners of the room. Rocky managed to cushion the blow by using his steel wings as a shield; Kelesk however didn’t have such luck and felt the full force of the hit.
Rocky, unable to hold onto the Devils Blade, dropped it, only to have the powerful blade sink into the ground. Kelesk also dropped his weapon, which landed out of his reach. The two fighters, exhausted, got to their feet.

Both fighters were now breathing deeply, the long fight finally taking its toll.
“I commend you on your efforts Halfling. You are the strongest warrior I have ever faced.”

“Save it you foul beast, we will go till the end”

The two fighters began sloshing through the knee high water, Rocky’s cut on his leg stinging as the salt water washed onto it. “You’re in trouble, aren’t you Kelesk? You haven’t been in this much trouble since…” Rocky trailed off, a smile appearing on his face. “...since your fight with the almighty Cucatoth. Yes we know all about him. We’ve been watching him for some time, and all his fights. His time will come…Soon enough."

“Wh...what do you know about my fight with Cucatoth?”

“Oh nothing much, just something about a four point shadow strike…?”

“Don’t play games with me Demon. I have learnt to accept my past. I can only get stronger and soon enough I will have my revenge.”

"Revenge? You won’t live long enough for any revenge. You’re a failure. You failed to defeat Cucatoth and you will fail to defeat me. You are nothing.”

“NO! Stop it!” Kelesk’s mind wandered into the past.

“Is he right…Am I a failure? What have I been doing with my life? Ever since that day when Cucatoth defeated me I have trained for the rematch, the day when I regain my honour. No! I won’t be DEFEATED!”

Kelesk lifted his head looking deep into the eyes of the Demon. “I am not a FAILURE!”

With that Kelesk let out a powerful scream. Energy coursed through his entire body, tapping into unseen depths. Kelesk was unleashing his demon half, a sight only seen in times of pure desperation.

“What is he doing? What is this dark energy I feel coming from him? BLAST! It appears my mind games have instead empowered him rather than committing him to defeat. He’s unleashing the demon within. This could get interesting.”

Kelesk was still gathering energy as Rocky begun to realise what was going on. This normally dark section of the carrier began to glow a bright orange. Kelesk stepped forward, his body radiating. The seawater began to freeze as Kelesk walked towards Rocky.
“Not this again." Rocky thought, taking flight. However Kelesk didn’t seem interested in freezing Rocky into place, but continued to walk menacingly. The water all frozen, Rocky returned to the floor of the carrier.

“So this is the true form of Kelesk, So glad to meet you”

“Shut up. Demon!”

Rocky snarled “You will pay dearly for your insolence.” Rocky charged at Kelesk, unleashing a flurry of punches, kicks and the occasional tail whip, Kelesk with little effort blocked each and every attack. This aggravated Rocky and caused him to fight harder, still to no avail. “What the hell is he?” Rocky drew back his fist for a finishing punch. Kelesk, seeing an opening, punched Rocky in the gut, his speed undetectable by Rocky who began coughing up his own blood. Kelesk finished the combo with a kick to the mid section, sending Rocky through a half frozen jet.

“How did he get so…” Rocky was unable to finish his thought as Kelesk attacked once more. Kneeing Rocky in the stomach and causing more blood to come pouring out.

“You asked for this Demon. You pushed me to my limit and for that, I will destroy you.”

Rocky forced a smile, “It ain’t over till I hear you scream.” Kelesk momentarily distracted was hit with a punch to the head, sending him back pedalling into another frozen jet.
“Now’s my chance," Rocky thought, his eyes flickering black.

“Master, I require more aid…”

“What…more? I will give you no more aid slave. You disappoint me.”

“But sire…”

Rocky was unable to finish the plea due to being hit by a rejuvenated Kelesk, “I supposed you think that was awfully clever, Demon?” Rocky spat blood onto Kelesk’s face, infuriating the Halfling more. In anger Kelesk picked Rocky up by the neck and punched him deep into the dark corners of the room.

Rocky smiled and began his telepathic communication once more.

“Sire, if I do not receive aid from you, I am afraid that I will not be able to complete my mission.”

“Hmmm…Very well.”

Rocky slowly got to his feet, the familiar grin returning to his face once more. “You’re too late Kelesk, you have failed. Now you will see what happens when you piss off The Devil.” After saying this Rocky dropped to his knees, clutching at his head. Kelesk stepped forward, curious at what the battered Demon could muster so late in the battle. Then it happened.

Rocky let out a bellowing cry, writhing and twisting in pain. As Kelesk watched he saw an amazing transformation. Rocky’s fangs began to grow. His fingers became long and slender and grew sharp black nails on the end, his generally small horns grew out to a foot in length, but the most obvious change was his skin. The normally brown tanned skin began to glow with a bright red.
Rocky spoke, but somehow his voice didn’t sound the same. It was as if there were two people inside. “So…you are the creature that is in my way? Very well. I will destroy you!”

Rocky took his first steps, the solid ice melting at his touch. A crater of water began to form in the ice around Rocky.

“I’m tired of these games, Demon. Are you going to fight me or what?”

Rocky smiled, “So eager to die…” With that Rocky charged at Kelesk, fists flying. Kelesk was barely able to keep up with him, only barely hanging on. Kelesk back flipped to evade the Demon and came soaring back, landing a punch to Rocky’s face forcing the Demon to stumble back. Rocky smiled and retaliated. Punching Kelesk in the gut and swatting him with his tail, which sent the Halfling into a wall which froze behind him. Rocky slowly stalked Kelesk, more ice puddles forming underneath his feet. Kelesk, unwilling to back down pulled himself from the wall, which shattered behind him and looked back at Rocky.

“Still wanting more I see.”

“I will fight you till the death.”

“Fool, you still don’t get it. Do you even know who I am? I am the lord of the dead. The master of the underworld. The king of all things evil. I am Lucifer.”

Kelesk froze with fear. “What is going on? How did I let this happen?”

The carrier let out a grown as it was slowly being pulled underwater. The damaged walls and bent steel were unable to sustain the damage and power unleashed by the two fighters and began collapsing all around.

“You cannot hope to win.” Rocky said, his tone now serious.

“But I can hope to try!” Kelesk leapt to his feet and charged at Rocky, unleashing everything he had, but it was not enough. Kelesk put too much weight into a punch which was easily dodged by Rocky. With Kelesk’s back exposed Rocky grabbed him in a massive bear hug, squeezing the very life out of an already injured Kelesk.


Kelesk screamed in agony, the powerful arms of Rocky too much for the Halfling to bear. “You should never have interfered in my business. Halfling. You are pathetic. I will ensure your end is painful.” Kelesk, unable to withstand the pain, returned to his normal form. Rocky turned Kelesk around and hit him hard with a punch which sent him flying into a pile of rubble, the force causing more rubble to land on top of him. Kelesk made no more movement.

The carrier was almost completely underwater by now.

Rocky walked to the site of the chest. Melting the lock with his touch alone, opening the chest he found what he was looking for. The secret book of incantations. Rocky smiled. “The great Cucatoth will not stand a chance once I unlock the secrets of this book.”

Rocky’s eyes flickered black. “I trust you will be fine on your own from now on?”

Rocky went limp and fell to the ground. His horns had retracted into his head. His skin returned to its normal colour. The demon was back in his normal form. Looking in his hands he found the book that he had been searching for. Smiling he got back to his feet. Looking around he found the rubble pile which contained Kelesk.

“Too bad Halfling, you were strong.”


“I had better get out of here before I end up like you!” Rocky took to the air busting out through the roof of the hangar and swimming the short distance to the surface. The once majestic carrier now but a memory on the bottom of the ocean.

Rocky stared at the sea for a moment. “If you survived that Halfling, I hope we meet again someday.”

Rocky spread his huge metallic wings and left the site of the carrier.


*Meanwhile at the bottom of the ocean*


Kelesk moved his hand.
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Bolts of chaotic energy lashed out at the surrounding area, the zombies, anything within reach of the Soul Scythe’s unfathomable energy. Rocky stood face to face with the spectre, the parry between the weapons that each fighter wielded seemingly engulfed within their own battle, the fighters were just there for support. Both fighters smiled, each grin as demonic as the other, neither was any longer concerned about the hole in the ships hull. Only one fighter would be leaving alive one way; or another . . .


With nether warrior making ground their weapons were sheathed, both equally matched. Kelesk started his assault on Rocky first landing a series of ridge hand punches which lead to a violent twisting fist, knocking Rocky to the ground next to where his blade had formerly torn through the ships hull, the water now ankle deep.

Swiftly Rocky jumped to his feet, stepping around a snap kick and landing a solid left handed uppercut following up by and even stronger right handed uppercut knocking the demon well off balance.

Rocky watched the blood drop from the demons chin into the water, the small drops of crimson drifting away and disappearing into the water. Finally ready to make his move, he charged at the demon. He blocked a knee knockdown and landing a savage right hook which was followed by a brutal round house kick leaving Kelesk face first in the now shin deep water, but the spectre still rose. Rocky not wanting to be stuck on the defensive launched another violent attack of powerful, but swift punches and kicks, the punches aim at the demons head, while the kicks aimed around the knee, ultimately landing a kick to the knee, hitting Kelesk off balance which he too took advantage off, dodging a vicious chest strike and falling back onto his hands face up, launching himself out of the water, kicking the helpless monsters chin launching him backward several feet, landing beside the fountain of water that had been left from Rocky’s sword. A roar on anger echoed throughout the ships gull as Kelesk ruthlessly continued his attack, not letting Rocky get any chance to attack grabbing him but the neck and throwing him at one of the various planes still left in the hangar, destroying it.

Rocky tore himself free of the rubble and metal and stared back at the demon, He is so powerful, but seemingly mindless at the same time, but that is just his front . . . With the opening of one spectral hand, water began to accumulate in his outstretched palm. Rocky saw, with diminishing excitement, razor sharp shards of icy death forming within.

“Rise my undead minions, kill that beast!” screamed Rocky, trying to gain an advantage. Dozens of floating corpses began to move, rising to their feet and slowly walking towards the shocked demon, “So this is how it is to be played Denizen . . So be it . . .”

Kelesk dropped the orb, leaving it to fall to the now knee high water, “You may command the fallen of this ill fated vessel, but I,” stated Kelesk with the upmost contempt, “control the very seas that robbed them of their breath in the first place . . .”

The flood that filled half the ship now began to swirl in a vortex of inconceivable power, razor sharp shards of ice tore from the water as a column of water rose, “Now Satan Thrall,” the demon continued as his eyes flashed a devilish blue, “you will fall as they did . . .”

Without warning the tentacle of water wrapped around one of the zombies, the hundreds of icy shards puncturing its frail body before shredding it, blood spilling out into the water. As the chunks of flesh splashed into the water Rocky watched on in revulsion as another zombie was impaled by the icy spikes and thrown across the hangar. In the mayhem that the tentacle had caused Kelesk managed to sneak behind a small cluster of zombies bringing the Soul Scythe the bear, “I have a story for you Rocky,” started Kelesk, Rocky and the four zombies behind him turned around, "before everything else in this world, Cucatoth existed, and with his power he walked unafraid on your Satan's world."

“Quiet demon; my master would not accept such a creature to walk upon his grounds.”

"There are places, and places between places which even your darkest cultists and infernal priests know only by their feverish nightmares . . . for beyond that which you and your kind can see, Cucatoth is master and guardian."

"And how would you know of these things, demon . . ."

“When I was killed, and later trained by the great one I gained his knowledge and wisdom, and now,” gloated Kelesk, now taunting at Rocky as yet another zombie’s low wail was heard as it was shredded, “I am his equal . . .”

Both blades of the Soul Scythe burst to life as the spectre’s eyes flashed bright orange and stayed that way.

. . No . . .

“Chaos Control!”

Kelesk’s chaos aura crackled to life as both blades of the scythe grew longer, their immense power becoming lucid to Rocky. In one majestic motion the spectre attacked the four zombies, one being impaled by the tentacle, the other three falling to the power of the Soul Scythe, all three souls reaped as the lifeless corpses fell to the ground.

“Now it is time you were shown my true power,” Kelesk’s eyes flashed a vivid orange again and the blades of the scythe burst larger, “you, and everyone else that stands in my way.”

With a mighty roar the spectre began his assault on the traumatized Hellspawn, both chaotic blades crackling with energy enhanced by Chaos Control. The tentacle too began an attack, only to be cut in half as Rocky drew his blade, but his efforts were in vain as three more tentacles rose from the water bearing the same icy spikes, Something is amiss here, the water is still only knee deep, she ship should have sunk by now . . .

Rocky looked at Kelesk, as his eyes flashed blue, slowly returning to their fiery orange, as the ship began the tremble and rasp, the deafening reverberation of twisting metal echoing round the hull of the ship, What is happening here, the water, it’s disappearing, “Witness my true power Satan Thrall!”

The small shards of ice fell to the ground as above the ship loomed Rocky’s fate. A giant tentacle of water was being formed, the petrified Denizen gaping in terror, “You will never get what you came here for Hellspawn,” Kelesk’s voice filling the air as he tore open a portal and reappeared up on the runway of the carrier, “for I will destroy the ship, and you with it . . .”

The tip of the colossal water tentacle froze over creating an ice drill. The tip of the monstrous weapon was razor sharp and the thread consisted of a wound series of hefty ice shards which all spiked slightly downwards towards their tips. A powerful cyclone of water beginning to spin the bit, “Your time has come . . .” The voice of Kelesk leaving Rocky’s eyes to open in horror as the huge ice drill came thundering down jarring itself through the ships hull, clipping one of Rocky’s wings and retracting as Rocky slowly rose to his feet, “You can kill me demon, but someone will take my place, we will get the book we are after.”

“In that case . . .”


Nothing but water was left where the chest once was, no more did the book exist. Again the tentacle retracted from the ships hull, this time absorbing the ice drill and crushing it into thousands of tiny ice shards. With a demonic smirk brought out, his eyes again flashed blue, the tentacle throwing itself at Rocky, wrapping around him and lifting him hight above the destroyed ship. Powerlessly Rocky watched as the icy shards floated inches below the surface of the tentacle around him.

“These juvenile games end now Denizen . . .”

Master, please, aid me, possess my soul and augment my power, please . . .

“Rocky, you have failed me and your promise. I will put you through another thousand years of torture for this treachery.”

No! Master!

. . .

"No longer does the NoA need anything from this ship, and if we do, it can always be salvaged . . ."

Rocky’s eyes widened in terror as a deep blue glow emanated in Kelesk’s eyes.

“You had best hope you die before your master finds you . . .”




Kelesk left the body to fall inert into the deep ocean over the city of P’kyl and tore open a portal, releasing the control he had over the water around the ship leaving it to drop into the ocean, tilting over and sinking on its side, following the limp body into the murky green waters of the sunken city of P’kyl.
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*extends hand to Kelesk* Good match, I really learnt a lot from it.

Anytime you want a rematch you got it.
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/me walks in applausing

Very, very nice . . . especially the part about watching me . . . and about my time coming. You need to polish up your a-game before you call out the Green Devil my freind, because he may just take you up on that call.

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