1. S

    rmf file?

    Where is it located?
  2. P

    a program to make bsp to map were?

    Hello all, i just wondering were i can get the program to get bsp files to hammer(map file i gues it was) any1 know what im talking about? a program to get bsp 2 map. plz give me the url not try google!:P tnx already :]
  3. X

    Hammer for Half Life 2

    Well I thought this deserved its own thread because it looks real good, plus there is comments on it at the bottom if you want to comment on it. http://collective.valve-erc.com/index.php?news=1052441121-23200400
  4. G

    Released rmf file of my map

    I read someone would like to see rmf files of esf maps I would appriciate comments from the more expirienced mappers around :p so my future maps will be better http://users.pandora.be/Goes/map http://users.pandora.be/Goes/map/esf_pryramid_RMF.ace
  5. Vashusa

    can anyone help me in mapping

    can anyone tell me a way to see a alredy finished map in Valve Hmmer Editor. I need a;ll the help i can get( nooby mapper). i dont reall have the hang of mapping yet
  6. mysticssjgoku4


    man i found the tool winbsp which uncompiles bsp files but, when i try to decompile some esf maps it crashes. im not trying to steal ppls work, i just want to edit the map so its better like wu_spacearena, i want to make the hallways bigger and the top walls a solid. can someone...
  7. X

    esf_mid.bsp Help!!

    im having problems with the esf_mid.bsp map... every time i go in it i get: WARNING: texture lump "asphalt_road-5" not found WARNING: texture lump "canyoncliff-2" not found WARNING: texture lump "grass_dirt-1" not found I CAN go in it but it's all messed up once im in.. does anyone...