1. -Origin

    Dead Rising 2 officially announced.

    ...Why is there no topic for this? Gamespot. IGN. The trailer. Doesn't look like we'll be playing as Frank West though.
  2. frsrblch

    Guitar Rising

    Whoa, this looks like the coolest idea for a game I have seen in years. It's basically Guitar Hero meets reality. Finally, all those hours you spend playing these games will actually be spent learning how to play a real guitar. http://gizmodo.com/352800/guitar-rising-for-real-guitar-heroes...
  3. H

    red storm is rising fast

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEUmPjLWu88 guess this is a serious issue for us that we actually created a monster--china. more our industrial base is moving to china faster than we expecting. more american dollar trade into china and grows their military power and technology. more our...
  4. M

    Gods and Heroes Rome Rising

    This is the MMO iv been waiting for, iv watched it for about 2 years, and it has been delayed countless times, but now it is finally shaping up, and i believe if all is well it releases in june, and i can't wait! http://www.gametrailers.com/player.php?type=wmv&id=19381
  5. M

    Gods and Heroes Rome Rising

    This game is pretty much strictly for mythology fans as the combat is great looking it will more then likely get bland after seeing the moves more then once, however, if you are a mythology fan then you will enjoy working for the gods and fighting others who worship another god, november 2nd is...
  6. M

    Z rating for Dead rising in japan?

    Lol wtf, some of their anime's are much much more gorier then this, but they gave it a z rating, removed decapitations limb removal that is just amazing to me. http://www.gametrailers.com/viewnews.php?id=3654
  7. M

    Dead rising

    I am preordering this game soon because iv watched it for a long time, plus anything by capcom with zombies is gold, regardless of how it looks like it might become repetetive =). This intro is just susepensful, and its nice to see capcom used the states as a place to host their games for...
  8. M

    Rising Force Online

    My beta was activated about 2 days ago for this game, and the graphics when maxxed out look amazing for a codemaster title. I chose acretia as my first race, which is a race of mechanized creatures, bent on ruling the world, and crushing those who oppose them, it seemed to suit me so i gave...
  9. -Blaze-

    Advent Rising

    OWWW, this game is so awesome and i have tryed it out. Storyline- 100% this game has a perfect story line, that's what i like the most! Graphics- 95% well graphic is really awesome in this game, but i don't realy like how looks spaceships. Gameplay- 100% well i like telekinesis and...
  10. ~*Logan*~

    Ping is rising at an incredible rate!!!!

    I dunno what to do! I tried everything! I turned off any programs eating up memory (and this computer is wicked fast and has lots of memory to go around), I turned off any firewalls, I turned off virus and spyware scans...I turned everything off! I even did many restarts! And the ping just keeps...
  11. -Blaze-

    Advent Rising

    Im planning to buy this game, watched ingame video,but want to read your comments. :paper: What do you think of this game? :p
  12. G

    Buu's Always Rising PL

    Just a reminder, when your Buu and you get a person into the food selecton screen keep it on them, because your power level still rises as you still suck energy from the enemy. And when you run out of energy charge up, still at the food screen, and suck more energy. Then when they run out of...
  13. J

    Powerlevel rising (has to do with vegeta transformation movie)

    I looked at the PL that is being doubled after transformation. but i was thinking, cant the PL rise very fast. cuz it switches from 2 million to 4 million in 1 second. might just rise really fast. that you see the numbers moving. so it looks like people are really powering up. if thats possible...