1. Viper

    It's time to return the favor

    Since Praetor was so kind to give us free prizes, it's now time to return that favor. So, I'm putting a Battlefield 3 beta key up for grabs. Leave your name here if you want in. Tomorrow I'll choose a random winner.
  2. Grega

    DB Kai the return O.o

    So it seems part 98 just got released and they are actually going to stick with the other world tournament filler for part 99 it would seem from the preview. So yea seems like Kai will be doing Buu saga after all.
  3. Cap J

    Corrupt a Wish - The Inevitable Return

    Most people are probably know the drill, especially the old members. If you don't here's how it goes: Step 1) Someone makes a wish. Step 2) The next poster grants the wish but makes the outcome bad. Step 3) That person then makes thier own wish. Crappy example: Poster 1: I wish I had...
  4. F

    7 years later I return

    Hello New and Old ESF Fans. I am the original Fat Buu. I started following the mod back in 2003, and have been lurking the site every 6 months or so. I'm pleased to see the mod is still going, yet it saddens me to think that it's been nearly 10 years since it first started. I have my...
  5. Mkilbride

    Return to Mana 3-Player online RPG with a story, built using Source...looks pretty nice graphic wise, too.
  6. Deathshot

    Beavis and Butt-head to return with new episodes

    It seems that it will be returning to TV with brand new episodes.
  7. sub

    I'll be gone for a few months in protest of me not being an admin

    I'm going to be leaving this forum for a few months as a protest of me not being an admin. I expect tears to be shed and I expect to be crowned admin upon return. As we all know, the only reason that there is order on this forum is because everyone is afraid they're going to be banned by me...
  8. M

    I Have installed but...

    Hi All i have installed esf...but when i launch the game and click create server say me starting local game server, after estabilishing network connection to server... and after return to the start logo...( create server find server) and when i do find server i can't find anyoe server...
  9. R

    I return and wish for information

    Ok, so I've been away for a bit... looking to get ESF again. What I want to know is, Which Version should I get? The Final Beta or 1.2.3? Also, anything else that would improve my gameplay experience and what not. I want to be able to play with people and have good fights.
  10. -Origin

    Big sister awaits your return...

    ... to Rapture. Also, take a look at I can't wait. ^^
  11. A

    Dragonball AE: Movie 2: The Return of Buu:

    Goku Can You Hear Me!” King Kai Screamed. Goku fell backwards over the balcony at Bulma's House from nearly choking to death on a piece of chicken. “Yes I can here you.” Goku said. “The Universe might be on serious trouble, Babati is up to something in HFIL and you need to stop...
  12. Tsunami

    A DBZ Fan fic - Goku's wish the return of Broly

    Hey guys. Been working on the first chapter of my first DBZ Fan fic. Its only chapter 1 for now, hope you enjoy. Here's Chapter 2. Here's a link to my story as well.
  13. M

    The Return of Heroes

  14. M

    Should Adrian Shephard Make a Return?

    For those that don't know, Adrian Shephard was the character you played in the Half-Life expansion pack, Opposing Force. So, anyone here feel that Adrian Shephard should make a return to the Half-Life universe?
  15. Chakra-X

    Daily Show and Colbert Report Return While it is awesome I do not have to wait for the strike to be over, it's going to feel very awkward. First, I am worried that it will not be as funny or the same without the writers. Second, it...
  16. Chakra-X

    Daily Show and Colbert Report Return While it is awesome I do not have to wait for the strike to be over, it's going to feel very awkward. First, I am worried that it will not be as funny or the same without the writers. Second, it...
  17. Rocky

    The return of Rocky

    So its been what? like two years since I stepped in the ring. My cloak may be covered in a thick layer of dust but my claws are just as sharp as ever. That's right, Rocky is back, and ready for a new challenge, who dares to stand up to the Devil's most deadly demon?
  18. Kaination

    Walmart return policy loophole?

    Hmm, I thought about this during Christmas. At my walmart, if you buy a game and have it opened, you can no longer return it for a full money refund, but only for an exact copy of the game. So I was thinking... What if I bought a game, played it and beat it, and went to get my money...
  19. Avenger

    The Return... And a challenge.

    Arr, I've returned. For too long have I haunted the ladders of this FC with my 12000 points, which I never really actually earned. I ask that only a "newbie" accept this challenge, not one of the guys who already have thousands of points. I'm not particularly good at this, I just got lucky...
  20. M

    The Return of F.E.A.R?

    It seems monolith has another ace in the hole, hopefully the next FEAR is actually hmmm scary? I had one moment in that game where i jumped, the girl in the air duct walking with her head towards me in a gallop scared the bejesus out of me. Ah well read on fellow gamers...