1. A

    system requirements ?

    Is there any information about system requirements ? Because I'm afraid I won't be able to play. My specs: Intel Core i5 2.60Ghz (up to 3.2Ghz) 8Gb RAM Nvidia Geforce Gt635m 2Gb Windows 8.1 Do you think it will be enough to enjoy the game ? :)
  2. M

    ESF System Requirements

    I've been looking at some of the final release videos and something I'm worried about is my graphics card, I know its in the half life engine but it still looks better than what my computer can handle. (AMD M880G with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250)-----VideoCard Name (AMD Phenom(tm) II P650...
  3. L

    Esf 1.2.3. Requirements ?

    Hi I've Downloaded ESF 1.2.3. And I plan on Buying a Original Copy Of Half Life. can anyone tell me Do I need anything else to play Or Just HL & The ESF Mod
  4. Nick_Da_Wizard

    So what are the system requirements for esf final?

    just want to know if i will have any smooth gameplay
  5. Boogyman93

    System Requirements

    Can you guys give some recommended system requirements to know if we can run the mod with the effects cranked up to max?
  6. Nemix

    ESF System Requirements?

    what are the minimum and recomended system requirements for PC?
  7. RedMage

    ESF Requirements (specs)

    Allright I can play it. Im just curios as to what are the minimum requirements. Is it the same as Half-Life? As a few mates have ****ty pc's.
  8. True-Warrior

    Full Sail Requirements

    Hey everyone I was wondering does anybody know the specific details about getting into Full Sail? I have been searching my ass off and can't find anything... I hear alot of bad things about it but I dont really care about that because I know in order to enjoy that school you gotta enjoy what...
  9. T


    I've got one question ... Must I have Half-Life to play ESF? And can I play ESF only over the internet? Tychote
  10. A

    ESF 1.3 system requirements

    I have a very, very bad PC and I read that there will be better graphics and all.So I wanna know if 1.3 has the same system requirements as 1.2. I even can`t play 1.2 very well.The maps are all black, except for the backround, I can`t see some models like in melee and auras.I only see power-up...
  11. Kasey

    Requirements for ESF

    I was wondering if you need Halflife or Halflife 2 to play ESF. Or if it would make a difference which game you used.
  12. M

    Requirements for esf?

    Hi all sorry if this was already written before but, here it goes. I wanna know what do i need do play efs. I have cs 1.0, with half life mod and sum others.If I can't play it online because of my version it is fine for me, but i just wanna know if it will work and if I will be able to play it...
  13. N

    Requirements for ESF

    I need help on the requirements for ESF game and how to install?
  14. N


    Can someone help me I need to know the requirements for ESF plz mostly how much memory I need I how 112 is that good I keep getting can't load this need more memory
  15. S

    System Requirements

    Ok here's the deal, my mom is buying me a CD Burner this weekend. But someone told me that my cd burner would have to meet the system requirments (Duh). And well here are the system requirments for the burnder im attemping to buy. System Requirments Windows XP/2000/Me/98/98SE, Pentium II...
  16. F


    If Your Pc runs 1.1 itwill run 1.2 right? Cause i noticed the trees move and stuff meaning more graphics and models...
  17. MopageBoy


    i think this should be here. How do you find out what your computer system has without taking ur computer apart. i can only find out what cpu i have and how much ram. is there a way to tell what graphics card i have by clicking on an option somewhere in windows (i have XP)????
  18. E

    signature requirements?

    I PM nearly everyone in the sig makers list and no one replied to help me with a sig. is there a certain requirement to get a signature or avatar? Do I have to be a member for a cetain amount of time? someone tell me someting
  19. A

    CPU/BANDWIDTH/RAM Requirements

    Hey, I want to host a few dedicated ESF servers, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how much CPU/RAM/bandwidth ESF uses per client. Thanks :) -Atreides
  20. Bebi

    VGUI Requirements?

    Okay, it's been a very long time since I've had done VGUI's (back in cs days :P; very long time ago). Also i've tried making VGUI's for esf twice and yet no luck in them funtioning in-game(I cut the chase as usual :D). So what i'm asking is that; What are the file requirements for...