1. tuty

    [REQ] Part of AMXX Coders

    Hey guys, i decided to join your team in amxmodx coding.. i saw hlev is a coder so, if you want to add me in your amxmodx coders team it would be awesome. I have 2 years of coding skills. Waiting for an answer. And i have original license of HL on steam, but my profile is friends only that's why...
  2. M

    SIG req

    i am requesting a sig with this image with the name ANUBIS in red letters any style will do thanks
  3. Darth Revan

    SIG req

    i am requesting a sig with this image with the name ANUBIS in red letters any style will do thanks
  4. Skyrider

    [REQ] FileFront Clan Website Designer

    Can anyone here help me with the FileFront Clan Website Layout? We already have partly of the menu, here is the preview of that. We are wanting to have someone who can make the layout that fits that menu: More info: (I know this is rather...
  5. T

    [Req] Aburame Shino

    Dunno whether this should be here got a bit confused but here goes anyway. I am looking for someone to make a model for The Specialists of Aburame Shino from naruto. theres some pics on here is interested...
  6. Skyrider

    Handy Dandy AMXX Server Plugins Req.

    Alright, i'll keep this request quite simlpe. Its not really a request for a plugin, but more like a question. I'm rather asking for a few plugins that increase server performace, and plugins that are really handy to have on a server WITHOUT that it decreases server performance, or increase the...
  7. Dark Templar

    ssj10 model req

    can anny one make me a ssj10 model for goku normal form? it looks realy funny :)
  8. D

    Crashes, Server Req's and More, HELP!!!

    Okay, I'v been playing ESF for a few days and have been annoyed constantly by random crashes, and the need for a HUGE download to play on some servers, today I finished that download, only to get the error that im missing some models, and then when I go to make a game using the city map it will...
  9. G

    Sparticus Sig Req

    well.. it's been a while and i just got a sig request ( thanks :) ) so i made him a sig. c&c welcome *edit* ah.. dont tell me the redish glow on the right side of the sig is wrong hehe... just noticed that. trying to fix that now
  10. K

    [REQ] Archangel Tyrael

    Well, I played diablo 2 a lot, and I got this really neat idea. I was thinking that someone can model The Archangel Tyrael from Diablo 2. It would be inevitably high poly, but it's a sure winner. If need be, I can make the wings, although I suck at organic modelling. (Make the wings a...
  11. G

    Req. Signature

    heh... im almost too emberassed to ask but could someone make me a sig ? :scared: im a real big fan of Spiderman and Venom (the black spider :-P ) so... if you could use them 2 in the signature... then that would be really awesome uhm... background has to be red-ish / black-ish of...
  12. PiXel

    REQ: HOw to ....

    well along time dont see ya ^^.... but i got a q! well i know that there is a programm that i can do .dem (demo) files to .avid (divxd or something) files change!? wich prog u use??? please tell (btw.: look at the videos of esf where they show new thingies! ) :] thx for advice (or...
  13. Hellhound

    Req: Kid Trunks

    Hey is there a good kid trunks model avalible for 1.2? I made one but did not come out so good :cry: tnx
  14. W

    GT pack req

    can some1 make a GT pack? i mean with GT trunks GT gohan GT krillin GT goku (but dont make him chibi) GT vegeta GT piccolo GT trunks (as i say...) and Ubuu plz it will be AwASomE!!
  15. P

    [Req] anybody ever heard of legend of dragoon

    yao dudes and dudettets its me. im sure that ppl have heard of the game legend of dragoon for the ps. it was a coo game and the transformations rockd. especially for that char named dart{fire dragoon}, anybody who has finished the game knows that he has 2 transes...hope i dont spoil it for...
  16. Skyrider

    Ninja Vegeta by: Slipknot

    ok.. someone knows some information about him? i heard he ripped the modem of vegeta.. didnt give any creds. (allot of spamming around in The redsaiyan comment box). *edit*: seems i found some information.
  17. Skyrider

    Req: Dragonball Goku

    yep :) i really want a goku whit his .. .ehm.. stick :P . he used it whit Dragonball. and i dont mean the KID goku whit the stick. but the old one. and its a red stick.
  18. Skyrider

    REQ: Goten transformation sound

    :) look the subject. i need a transformation sound for goten.. thankz :)
  19. D

    budokai and its music req

    I wouldn't know if this would count as warez, but I'm sure if given the proper credit and the fact htat it won't be sold won't be considered illegal. My main question I was wondering if anyone could possibly rip the music from dragonball z budokai for the ps2? Another thing I was wondering if...
  20. Skyrider

    Map req:

    i whas thinking of internal sky fight. its a BIG sky map compleetly only SKY and if you hit the end of the map you will be teleported some furhter back to the map again. you think of yourself.. yeah yeah simpel map. really easy. make it yourself.. yadayada. but i cant make it. so plz :) :D
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