1. Mkilbride

    Troops in Iraq want video games to replace dead friends. I don't know, seems so weird...they lost their tragic...and then they ask for this stuff, I don't know what to make of it honestly. It feels almost like a joke. =/
  2. Mkilbride

    New device for paraplegics to replace Wheelchairs. Good for them... I can't wait till we have the medical science to fix these issues though, more than just put band-aids on them.
  3. Dokutayuu

    Yet another idea to replace adv melee!

    Here's an idea to remove the current advanced melee but try to mix it with what we already have and love. 1) Left MB is used to use this method of attack. 2) It activates when one holds the Left MB and swoops into another player. The momentum of the swoop will be maintained but if a wall...
  4. Mr.Lukyas

    Should I replace this one with my current sig!

    I know it's too big. I'll decrease size
  5. N

    How to replace Icons!?

    I just downloaded an Icon-pack, but I don't know how to replace the old icons with the new ones, so can you help me??
  6. J-Dude

    How do you replace ESF SFX w/my own SFX?

    Hey, I've gathered some good crisp quality sound effects over the years from the Budokai games (I use an audio cap device with superb quality), and I've tried renaming and overwriting some of the ones I thought would be better with my sfx. But when I play the game, the sfx are completely silent...
  7. R

    Another sexy dbz model to replace trunks and shoot fireballs!!111!

    Well i started this when ds was modeling his porshe, I jus didnt have anytime to do much of it. Old screen grabs of tthis morning, al post newer ones later, also jus to let u kno its wip so obviously it aint optimised. Also if anyone can get me a blueprint of a 2004 3dr ford fiesta that'll be...
  8. Flying Dutchman

    Indicator sprite to replace diamond thingy

    First of all I would like to thank the team for finally giving us the option to get rid of the < sims-style > diamond thingy, but playing without it isnt exactly handy. I suggest adding an option to activate a sprite drawn around other players so you can still see where they are from a...
  9. Enix

    Zabuza's Sword, Could replace trunks' sword

    i got like majorly bored, so i thought why not just do a sword, i thought maybe a katana, nah to many people makin those, maybe a dagger, nah to small, so after a few mins of thinking, is was like why not zabuza's sword!?! so i made it, and i was surprised at the results, i think it actually...
  10. S

    how do u replace a model?

  11. S

    how do u replace people wit different models?

    can u please explainnnnnnnnnn....thanx in advance
  12. S

    How Im New To This Game

    how do i get the models such as gotenks,vegetto,etc to work in the game
  13. Nuttzy

    boredom again, heres bebi

    you can crit if you want i wont be changing much, i may or may not put him ingame, depends how the next few hours go,i started this ysterday, modelwise all thats left is detailing the ars, and jointing the knees, and attaching the hands to the wrist, they jus sittin there atm
  14. S

    making models

    what kind of software is needed to make and edit models, and where can i find it?
  15. Rebirah

    Made up my own anime char O_o

    I was bored so I decided to start my own anime char in photoshop :/ give critz on how to make him better.. (not finished)
  16. Gangster464

    Need help bad

    NEED HELP BBBAAADDD!!!! O_O Look people i really need help lets say i just downloaded a ssj4 vegeta, which character will it replace or can i choose, if i can or cant, how do i do it, and when I do have my ssj 4 model downloaded will it always be a ssj4 or will it start out as normal vegeta and...
  17. Gangster464

    Does it go for all the models?

    If i download a power like lighting kamehamaha , would it o for all my models, what i mean is can i pick it to go for any model or guy that i want ? Or can it oly go to the person that has this power lke goku . :devgrin: THANKS :devgrin:
  18. Gangster464

    How do I play with the model I downloade ?

    I downloaded the model vegeta ssj4 and i dont know how do i play with him, what do i have to do to put him on the game, and how do i also do it to maps and sprites on the game, what else do i have to do then download them. if u game some instructions it would be awsome , :devgrin: thankz...
  19. S

    iam new to this

    NEED HELP WITCH THIS i DL this majin vegeta that is suppose to transform diffrent but i have seen nothing diffrent i got it here its the majin vegeta pack and do i HAVE to have that exact model to have the transformation dffernt or is it a script? please i...
  20. S

    Iron Man model

    I think it would be cool if someone would make an iron man model to replace gohan, but that's just me.