1. Trunks Shadow

    The Tien to animate

    Ok my old thread got dead.. I could not find it LOL Im going to pass off the tien to anyone that will animate it. Get in contact to me on aim.. shadow viper 55 This model has been sitting for a long time I almost gave up on it.. but if people want it then it will be so!:devgrin...
  2. A

    Auron's Place

    before i receive any harsh comments, i only started making sprites yesterday so im still new to this stuff. anywhoi made a new sprite, it kinda has depth, but i used a gradient wave to achieve it. had to make two versions cos the first was out of the sprite area and part of it was cut off :(...
  3. G

    Finished my map esf_pyramid

    just get it there or if you are very lazy look and download...
  4. Logan4434

    New Buu's release

    here are my new buu model's heres the link... and credits go to azn for the torso,bryggs for the jacket,and GG for the feet... lol forgot my skinner team...MysTix for the chest(which was a change from an azn skin.thx to you both :) i...
  5. Mr.Bugskin


    Would someone like to compile this model cuz this model owNZ! In BFP and got it at neds site I mean to compile it for ESF please
  6. M

    :Request Perfect Idea

    as i was reading smo janemba model, Why dont we make a fat janamba and form 2, it would replace buu perfect.. mouthblast...other stuff
  7. TehMuffinMan

    the old db GOKU!!!!!

    thats right! i was bored and thought, hey? wheres goku off the really old but cool dragonball cartoons? then i came along the goten model and thought hmmm.... lets try, well, i suceeded in creating a really db style model from the goten model (by god gundam), I shortened the legs, remade the...
  8. Jimesu_Evil

    Nappa Finished!

    Here's a Nappa model for everyone! I'll post the download link when it it up, but until then, here it is! One problem is the hands. They seem to, oh, you'll work it out.
  9. T

    Who wants Bomberman?

    Ok I got a little bored so i made a bomberman here he is should i put him into esf with sprites and sounds etc...? YOU decide
  10. A

    Bomber Man!!

    I was wondering if someone could make a bomber man model, then I coould skin, or some one else, or maybe even the person that made teh model. We can make it replace GOhan and maybe get Shijing to make some sprites.
  11. TehMuffinMan


    thats right, samus. samus is the ultimate character for this mod, she had a huge gun and to most coolest looking armour, she would fit into esf, sprites would be easy as hell and sounds would be easy too, all we need to do is unite! all you modelers and animators lets work together on the...
  12. M

    is there a model for janemba yet?

    someone make a model for janemba or fat gogeta that would be an awesome model
  13. We$$ide

    goku Db request

    can someone make a dragonball goku for replacing trunks(in beta 1.1), cause his magic staff can replace the sword, en his burning attack can be the kamehameha wave
  14. G

    REQUEST: Two models

    I think that some one should make a denday or tapion model for ESF because they would look pretty cool in the game. You could have denday to replace piccolo and tapion to replace krillin. So can any models plz make these models.:p :p
  15. B

    Trunks with sword

    I edit an trunks with sword look here he have it only as ssj and he cannot punch with it its only to see him with sword but it looks good Credits to tha Real Modler of Trunks and to me for the new hair :) Get it on my site
  16. M

    The No 1 Martial arts master of the world

    as the title suggests i am modeling a Mr satan. lets not go into the why's, i just am. anyone know of some good referance pics as what ive done so far has been from estimation and memory. and any thoughts on who it should replace. i'll post a pic of it tomorrow, along with some ssj3 hair...
  17. H

    Krillin Models

    Anyone know of a good model to replace Krillin? I've used the search, and the only one I could find was one of Tien, and one with him in armor, and I don't really like either. Anyone know of another one?
  18. D

    Cell model Request..

    Im not the one to make requests... But does anyone else think that the cell model blows? I mean when he jumps he is all squiggly.. dude the model just sucks... I need someone or a new Cell to replace it please.. New anims too ..
  19. K

    Ten Shin Han model?

    Anyone know where I can download a Ten Shin Han model? It's one of my favourite characters and should definitly be included in future ESF releases... his ki blasts just ROCK!! - this is one of the coolest blasts in DBZ
  20. K

    who brolly replace?

    i download a brolly cher and the file name is: "brolly.mdl" and i dont now to what chenge the name(guko,vegeta.....)