1. VideoJinx

    HELP with REFS

    Can someone help me?? I'm looking for a House Blueprint with that includes a "Side view". So far I've only been able to find ones with a "floor plan/ top view "
  2. Viper

    Until i find some good Ironman refs...

    Guess who? I'll give you a hint:Halle Berry
  3. imkongkong

    aye naruto refs?

    it's very hard to find naruto refs like this one. i know many of you have the manga scans and may have the refs to many of these characters. can anyone help a few of us out and post some of those refs here? ideally looking for as many characters as possible with a front and side view
  4. LionHeart

    i need some goten refs pls

    yeah look at the title
  5. donnierisk

    Buu's house refs!

    Hello all, donnierisk here, well I'm planning on making a map with bu''s house(fatbuu) from DBZ, you know, that spherical ovalish white thing. well I'll be VERY happy if someone can please get me some nice refs on that house, outside and if you can, inside will also be great. Well I hope...
  6. bapplebo

    Panda-Z Refs

    Here j00 go: Hope to see some good models made out of these (im making a Panda-Z myslef ^^)
  7. C

    Hand, Refs,drawovers, crits and comments. plz

    Hey guys... I'm modeling a hand for a sasuke that I am doing. There's somthing just not right about it and so i thought you guys can mayby point it out. I havent gotten to the point of "Removing useless poly's" YET. But please point out what you think is not needed. Current tris are about...
  8. B

    Good street fighet image refs?

    I'm looking for some good street fighter fan sites, where i can find some descent quality pictures or sprites. anyone know?
  9. P

    Soon To be Vast Archive of Refs!!!!

    Goku From The Front (Super Saiyan)
  10. D

    DBZ refs for 3dsmax

    Can someone post here some dbz regs so that i could code goku,vegeta but front side and back back is not nesceserry
  11. D

    Character Refs

    hi, ive started modling but i cant find refs :scared: can somebody find be some really good refs on normal gohan ssj gohan ssj2 gohan mysticgohan normalgoku ssjgoku ssj2goku ssj3goku vegeta ussjvegeta ssjvegeta trunks ssjtrunks ussjtrunks ssj2trunks krillin mystickrillin...
  12. Y

    some refs

    yeah i just stumbled upon some refs i found, creds to whoever was hosting it when i got them... but i figured i'd post them and see if they were of any use to anyone... so... I have a good 600 or so pics i have gathered through the years, if you need something more specific you...
  13. Nightcrawler

    davidskiwan refs thread

    where did the ref thread go to ?
  14. Mr. Phonso

    question about refs

    ok, im working with milkshape 3d and im using someones ref but their ref has a white background, how the hell am i suppoded to see where my verticies are without haveing to select them everytime i want to see them? is there like some kind of trick to change the colour of your vertices so they...
  15. Trunks_rox

    Refs for Ultimet ssj trunks

    Hi I am making a new Model for trunks because when I first went ssj with him it was not the overly buff hero I thought was the cooles so any refs or pics would help alot. sory if I dont post very often but I work an 8 hour day so i usilly only Moudle one hour a week.
  16. S

    finishing buster refs

    :paper: hi people i wanna know if anyone have refs for finishing buster or know where i can find it because i have search without results it's for a sprite i ll prefer have a small clip of it pleazzzz :yes:
  17. C


    anybody know where i can find some good refs? like gohan, goku, vegeta, etc...
  18. Enix

    goku refs

    im making a goku model and i need some goku refs. if anyone has a drawn ref please tell me i need some. i know goku is easy to find but not in the proper posising. please help. oh ya darksun if you read this your goku ref pic would help.:D hehe
  19. Z

    genga images ( refs ) this is a link to genga images and they are unfinisht shetches ( just not collerd etc etc) and they are realy usefull i dont know if this is spam but this is for the modlers so...
  20. Tweek

    ..Krillin Replacement: GOTEN

    ..keh i havnt been on top form l8tly :S, and im not sure y but last night i just started a model 4 sum strainge reason which i cant explain :) N E way i done a torso and though hoo could this b and wot could it replace ??? so iv now near done a new GOTEN mdl 2 replace krillin ..n e wayz...