1. K

    -={SsjUe}=- is recruiting

    anyone interessted in joining the super saiya-jin ultra elites can add me at msn *mail adres editted*
  2. P

    search for modellers/ skinners/ animators

    I need someone serious that knows how to build moddels and skins or animator. Send me a private message if somebody intresting- he'll get more info. after he send me a private message. THX
  3. B

    Modeler/ Skinner/ Animator

    Hi... listen i need 3 modelers and 2 skiners and some Animators if any1 intrasting talk to me in icq 146481745 and another thing.... i am always invisible on icq... so write to me even if i am offline you get informetion if you talk with me on the icq.... i can't talk on this here so...
  4. B

    need modlers and skiners.

    Hi... listen i am building a mod to esf i need 3 modelers and 2 skiners if any1 intrasting talk to me in icq 146481745 and another thing.... i am always invisible on icq... so write to me even if i am offline 10x brnet
  5. DBZFever

    Modellers needed for RPG!

    There is a new Dragonball Z RPG HL Modifcation in progress. We have mappers, skinners, animators, texture artists, 2d artists, but we need modellers! The Website is and the name is being changed to Dragonball Z Adventure. If anyone is willing to model for us, please...
  6. P

    need modellers

    we need people who know to bulid a good model according to our demandtions. also we need spirites meakers. this is for our new mod. we already made 10% of it.
  7. Stanz

    Any free workers out there?

    Ok, to be honest I am in desperate need of modellers and skinners right now so if your intrested please goto my forum by clicking on the sig below and read up on EPT and stuff if you dont know about it. Thanks alot. *SITE WILL BE BACK UP ASAP, IM REALY SORRY ABOUT THE DELEY*
  8. N

    Neo Clan unlimited recruiting

    I'm not sure if it's allow to post something like this in here, but here goes: Wanna join a esf clan? you've come to the right place...our clan has more then 15 ppl, has our own clan home page ,forum and guestbook, and we have lots of luxery clan maps which u can dl in redsaiyans...if u wanna...
  9. B

    i'm looking for animator for a pokmon mod

    i know the most of you people dobnt like pokemon so if you dont like it dont read this post. The best pokemon mod named "pokemod" is looking for an animator, you dont have to be good but you have to be able to make some basic movements like idle animations and some attacks. The mod is...
  10. M

    Need 2 Modelers for new better DBZ UT mod

    My friends and I would like to get 3 decent modelers for our new mod. We already have 1 and we only have couple models. We need one guy or girl that can make our transformation models another to make beams, ki blasts etc. and we also need a 2d artist. if your are interested and have some cool...
  11. G

    uk clan - recruiting

    im looking 2 start up a new uk based clan, if anyone is interested please reply 2 this thread or email me, thanks
  12. I

    Recruiting For Clan -|Eaks|- Do Not Post Unless u Want To Join. (no SPamm OR Flaming)

    If you are interested in joining my new clan, which will be greater than ape if it all goes successful, i have gotten way better. i can basicly take on 3 people of any skill if im warmed up enough. just post here for a tryout date and ill arrange it. Rules for Tryout: 1) No...
  13. fatmanterror

    Somebody want in?

    hey r there any skinners who wanna help with a really small up coming mod? i mean me and my friend dont intend to make this huge, its only gonna be for us and whoever else wants it cause we dont have the time to make a giant mod and attempt to release it to everybody, its gonna be for g-gundam...
  14. Z

    need modlers mappers coders

    hy its me again wel here is an update for about the mod: dragongod went out of the mod we got a great modler kaioshin we got evilgohan in the mod he is a mapper we got marx mapper 2 we got 4 models done : kirby medabee goku normal goku ssj3 link wip and we are stil looking...
  15. Effigy

    Im not sure if we are allowed to recruit... But...

    My friend Dark Knight and a few others and I of course have began to build a new Half-life RPG like master sword... EXCEPT ITS DBZ.. full stats system any what have you. I am the sound artist, like Freedom is for esf, but why i am writing here is because we need to recruit a moddler for the...
  16. O

    Sb|. Saiyan Blood ESF Clan Recruiting

    Hey all, Recently Sb| has made the switch from dmz to esf. We all know the reasons why. Anyway we are looking for some great members with lots of skill our irc channel is #saiyanblood on gamesnet same as esf's our website is and you can contact me aim OTHEDrain or email...
  17. N

    Clan Recruiting? lookin to be recruited.

    i'm a good player, not a 30-9, but i've done it once or twice, looking to be recruited if there are any clans lookin for players.
  18. T

    Any good clans recruiting?

    Hey guys any good clans recruiting, im an above average player i play a lot and ive been in a few clans b4 and i know what to be looking for in a clan so if you are good and are looking for players plz reply to this message then ill give you my email and my AIM or w/e. By the way im ALWAYS...
  19. F

    (AF) clan recruiting

    go to if you want to join Ascended Fighters clan.:]
  20. [MaJiN]Buu-Boo

    [MaJiN] Clan is recruiting send pm's/e-mails

    [MaJiN] Clan is recruiting send pm's/e-mails join while you can, need 5 more members or soo.. :D