1. PiXel

    Buu old sig and one "recreation"

    Well may you remember my old Buu sig with the model of Tweak. Now choose wich you like more (Only color changes): :] Old one (abit cleaned up) New one (Recolored of the above one) I kno the new one got strange colors but i think its an eye catcher or? ;) ya know what to do :P
  2. Nuttzy

    need a sig recreation,

    long ago before i was a moderator, i had a sig that some of you may recall, the "nuttzy professor" sig, im kicking myself for deleting it, i loved that sig but i cant do graphics for crap, how that sig looked to be an authentic movie poster is beyond me it contained a picture of sherman...
  3. PiXel

    Old sig in recreation!

    Well along time ago i did a sig with girls ^^ Now i only editted it! what u think!? :rolleyes:
  4. Enix

    Kakashi Recreation [WIP]

    I started this today, its not done as you can see. Its just another one of my recreations of an anime screen. What i need is some suggestions. There is some shading that isnt done yet. And you can probaly notice a bunch of little cutting errors, cause its still not done so there isnt a...
  5. Suh Dude

    Recreation Zelda Logo..

    Well, I have been invited to a Zelda Mod.. and I felt making a logo for the mod.. so here.... anything to fix?
  6. Saiga

    Cel Recreation

    I thought I'd try something that I've never thought about before, recreating a cel of a DBZ character. I was inspired by flash movies at newgrounds, it's my first attempt and I'd just like to know what you guys think; Ref Picture: I missed some shading here and there but I'm not really...
  7. D.C. Darkling

    recreation.... shield bug

    Well.... I did it kinda like 8 times of the 10 so i think ya can to. :) Pic gohan, starters pl. Create a max shield. Don't blow it. Walk. its that easy. :) this gave me around 5 shields untill I gave up. All don't work of course. its just the model. I got a voodoo3 2000, a pentium 1 233mhZ...