1. D

    need sum help

    i cant find the hlcsg.exe and the other ones... i have tried searc for em...
  2. Lone Wolf

    3Dsm help...

    Can anyone tell me how to put MAPS onto your freakin object? >.< Ive tried but I couldnt get it.... Example: I made a plane, put displaced it... added noise... and yea... thats about all... I go to the Materials Edietor... and find a map... I chose Evrgren2. But all the buttons are grey and...
  3. [SAS]Orion

    Orion made a wp? no way!

    I did indeedy, its been soooooo long since I even tried to make one o.O I went with a basic style again, but i'm pleased with the results. Filesize approx 190kb. What do you people think? What should I change?
  4. Marauder

    Copter wip

    like the name of the thread says... thats 3 min's of work, ill put some more effort into it... made it again, to show ppl that not everything is random, but im sure that someone *cauhg*imsotalkingaboutsparrrightnow*caugh* will still go and say: WHY DIDNT U MAKE ANY DRIVER SEETS , OMG IT...
  5. I


    hello, i would like to start doing some wallpaper and cool stuff and i want to know what 3d progs r u useing?
  6. Mr.Bugskin

    Black Suit Gohan RESKIN!!!

    Go to my Site under my sig and u'll see the black suit gohan and please don't hot link the pics
  7. T

    Can anyone recommend...

    Could anyone recommend me to a good video card? I need one that's cheap...yet worthwile... i'm tired of my POS Rage 128 VR 8mb virtual memory :\ Could anyone suggest a better one that's cheaper? I've looked around, but all the ones that caught my eyes were 500+ :cry: Anyone?
  8. G

    Sig creation

    How do you make sigs? I have paint shop pro and Adobe Photoshop 7. Is that all I need, or is there more?
  9. God Gundam

    goten... again

    you can get it now at so go there if you want it
  10. C

    Recommend Stun opponent

    Sorry Ive read the posts. Earlier was just my first post and everything on my mind I wanted to type it up :) I dont think it was a waste of time cuz I wanted to get my mind across. Anyway, I see that most of the stuff was going to be implemented!! Thats good, but I do think they should...
  11. S

    refrence pics

    ahello every1, long time reader first time poster... i got a question relating to refrence pics. Im using 3d studio max and i want to make a goku model. Some recommend box modeling, but i think spine tracing is easier isnt it? lets say i trace it , do i have to nurb it or does tracing do the...
  12. N

    Works with Ink

    Within the last year, I have done 2 Vegeta drawings with an ink pen. Here they are, tell me what ya think. I had a case of insomnia 1 night, so around 2 in the morning, I did this one. This is the first one I did, with a regular ink pen, this took me 3 and a half hours. This one I...
  13. Naz

    The first thing I did with photoshop

    Well this is my first thing, I know not very good, but I have much to learn, so well this is it :) I'll try making more sig like things
  14. J

    Whats wrong with my skins??

    there is something wrong with buu, krillin and gohan skins. How can i fix this or get these skins
  15. I

    New site....plz comment on something....

    Ok its only the homepage so far and that is far from complete,but what i wanted a comment on was my graphic thingy to get around the site,as long as it does not suck I am happy.I am a bit of a newb at all this photoshop stuff so please dont flame me much :) cheers InQuisitor lol it might...
  16. Z

    How Do I Make A MAP?????

    okay i would like to know how i can make a map and what programs to use??? and then a torturial (i Think its called that!) weel somebody tell me!
  17. S

    Is it possible to render with G Max?

    Well is it possible to render with G Max? Come on. you guys/girls have to tell me. i'll do anything
  18. I

    what a good skining prgram

    ok my paintshop pro epired i need a good skinning program to skin my ssj4 vegeta anyone now??
  19. xstortionist

    Attention all experienced modellers, mappers, skinners, and coders!!! please read

    Ok, I've finally got my self together to start up a new Half-Life/Quake3 modification. This modification will be a car game, much like Quake3 Ralley/HL Ralley, but I'm wanting it to be a little bit more high tech and futuristic. I am really looking for modellers, mappers, and...