1. Disguise

    Super Ki recharge takes Stamina

    I thought it'd be cool if using turbo while recharging Ki would charge it twice as fast, but cause a huge drain on your stamina. Like at a 1:1 ratio. So assuming you knock someone down but you're out of Ki, which happens all too often, you can quickly recover it to charge an attack. If the...
  2. sub

    The recharge sounds..

    The recharge sounds where each character is now yelling sounds out of place and frankly, weird. Also, something I found a little weird - When I was Goku, every time I jumped I would hear a sound as if he was getting hurt.
  3. U

    recharge cell. and piccolo.

    ok i can understand this that buu gets to gain hp. as in revive his ass. but what about cell he can, if his head is blown off he can reform. why cant he revive his health, and cell got that spell from piccolo why doesnt he have it. im guessing only buu can? i think piccolo and cell should...
  4. W

    recharge and meele bug

    ok, when u are meeling, there is a easy bug wich let u win every head on. when u are reacharging, and u see that ur enemy is meeling direct to u, and when u meele to him when he is some meters in front of u , u win everytime. it doesnt take any matter if he´s ssj or not, u win evrytime ...
  5. Wyatt

    New Recharge Sprite

    Ok i gots a recharge sprite i dont got a host so i cant show some pics or release the file myself but if sum1 can release this for me then im me at [email protected] but it is muuuch better than the dots
  6. Wyatt

    The recharge dots

    Ok im sick and tired of the dumb little dots that fly around when u reacharge ur ki. It shud be like when goku was powering up as an ssj3 where a big bright ball goes a round you and wind flys out and it looks real cool id like to find a picture but untill i do hope my explanation is good enuff.
  7. Bryggz

    a question for anyone who models

    how do i model the front strands of hair (bangs) so that they dont go all crazy when my model is in the middle of an animation? every time i recharge ki.....or charge for an attack, my ussj trunks models bangs go all schitzo on me, anybody know? im sure azn could help me out, since his mystic...
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