1. Grega

    dont realy know what to call it yet

    So any ideas? ^^ Im making a little map. Testing if i can still do it ^^ Just a little terrain work so far ^^ Besides the terrain itself is about only 37% finished ^^ But you are probably saying OK big mouth nothing more. So here are the pics...
  2. L

    Do I realy need steam?

    Hi, this is my first post and I want to know if I really need steam. Since I dont have acess to the internet in my pc (I'm using a macintosh) I was wondering if I need steam to play ESF because I would just play with bots. Thanks
  3. S

    how its realy needs to be

    gohans power level of trans need to be 1.800.000-2.000.000 about the hight gokus power level is good piccolo power level is good vegeta need to be about 1.500.000-1.800.000 buu power level is right frieza shuld have trans in about 1.200.000-1.400.000 trunks power level is right...
  4. P

    Suinaides wallpaper (my anime) (not complete)

    this is a wallpaper for the anime im makin. its not complete but i thought i'd show anyways. some mild crits r accepted if u cant see it copy and paste this
  5. C

    If you realy wan't help!

    If you realy wan't help!! then stop with all the "I need help" "help me" And thread names like that then youl be anwerd and more likely someone will going in the thread you made so just give the prob yur having and done! I know I know allot of ppl have made threads like this one but I thought...
  6. S

    goku i edited

    credits to ned for his vegetto. this is an edit i made "for myself" today cuz i was bored. heres a pic I WILL NOT RELEASE THIS BECAUSE I WILL GET IN BIG TROUBLE IM JUST SHOWING IT.
  7. D

    Vegetunks model, need of team!

    I need a modelor and an animator..I think
  8. Celticus

    frieza's transformation

    can anyone make new transformations for frieza form 3 and frieza form 4 :confused: :confused: if i play the game frieza 3 whon't fit in the ball: it looks realy ugly!!!
  9. E


    I realy need some new maps i got realy tired from playing with these maps that come with version 1.1 Can Anyone give me some links or just post some maps for me THANKS!!!
  10. S

    hmmm realy intrested

    i read the beta 1.2 outline and it says new classes(new charaters) anyone here knows what kind of new charaters? and how do i disable the pass in the console?
  11. Ultra33Gokussj3

    young gohan - saiyan saga

    I have done a gohan from saiyan saga when he was training with piccolo , to meat the saiyans , :laff: , the model s done Heres a pic: Should i release it?:devgrin:
  12. lostsoul


    if your a realy really good modeler can you email me at [email protected] Aim: knifehntr msn: topbros... i might have somtin that you would like to do
  13. gohan12

    new bots are realy strong!

    Hi I have installled 1.1 and i am not realy a n00b, ! But i do not play ot so often, and jet, i have played with bots, and their realy strong! probably im not good in ESF, but can i change the Skill level of the bots? (sorry for my bad english! im German)
  14. S

    how do i sort attachments out one the bones of models??

    hi i have almost complited my kid buu edit but when itry and compile him it says: ************ ERROR ************ unknown attachment link 'Bip01 R Finger11' now how i change this from happening?? i have tryed editing the qc file didnt work i tryed making a little box and adding it to the...
  15. M

    Rurouni Kenshin Models

    i was wonderin if like sum 1 could possibly make models from rurouni kenshin like kenshin or Xenoske....i want some cool models :cry:
  16. Z

    need a compiler/ animator

    hy i need some 2 who can compile my models into a q2 model and i need some 1 who can animate m dont ask for pics cous i wil give them when the game is releast
  17. S

    Animators !

    Hello, I was just wondering if there was any animators out there that would be willing to give me a few lessons in Ms3d 1.6.6 for anim's.I'm new to modeling and I would like to learn as much as I can and I'm not a big fan of reading Tut's for 2 hours for every buttom in Ms3d. -Thanks Bebi Vegeta
  18. dudeman

    My ESF wallpaper.

    When i started this wp i was bored and i wasnt seriuos so it sucked, but later on i got some nice ideas and it became nicer.. so this wp isnt perfect, but i just wanted to show it. (you might notice that the background is worse then what i put on it..
  19. D

    Hi i just got ESF and i know notin bout it i realy need help

    like i said i realy need help bout you know goin SSJ,sensu beans,how to get Trunks sword out EVERY THING OK just right me back PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ!!!!!:devsmile:
  20. M

    ssj3 goku

    where can I find a decent ssj 3 goku, I've only seen one, and it looks realy wierd. Its the one from redsaiyan. Please give me Links, Ive searched the forums the best I can already.