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    more newb modler questions (one is a really dumb question)

    Well, I got the demo of Milkshape 3d, going to register it when it tells me to, and here's some questions: (WARNING! This is a dumb question) How do you save it as a .mdl file in Milkshape? (warning is over) Could you guys give me a brief description of skinning and what programs...
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    Young Gohan skin, WIP

    heres an old model done by xstortionist that he gave me along time ago, and i decided to skin it... give some comments i just started...
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    Freiza > form 1 complete

    Hey guys, I finally finished the skin ;) Like with all my ESF work, I try to make the skin look a little more realistic, but retain the anime hand drawn look. I'm used to high poly character modeling, so doing low poly is a little odd for me. In any case, here is the image! Hope you all...