1. D

    Vegeta GT #2

    Ok I finished and I think I have all the Credits, I dunno if Slipknot did anything to it but if he did I credit hi Brolli Man and AzN!
  2. Sicron

    More Realistic Power Level

    i think this should be in the game: when ur PL gets higher you should really get sronger, so i mean you will deal more damage you get more HP en KI when you get stronger this all would make it a bit more realistic cuz its kinda weird if there is a goku ssj with a PL of 10,000,000 and HP of (i...
  3. TimTheEnchantor

    Head Like A Hole

    Collaboration between myself and my friend bobby(
  4. Lone Wolf


    I made this thing...... my 2nd attemp to make landscape with 3dsm... 3rd thing I actually made with the program I made some after this.... but they look to *** and embarrasing to show... It was based on a tut... but i only read the first few steps.... The sky is from a render in Bryce... since...
  5. G

    Goten young

    Hmm heard about a new way of modling. do one piece and improve it until it's perfect, then do another piece etc. so your model should look perfect at the end. anyway i'm going to try this. here ya go, took 2 hours for this, it's supposed to be goten young:
  6. Hsu

    Eye O_O

    Well I am at college right now and we have to recreate an eye in PS7 and this is what I have done so far. It is about 1 hours work and I am about 10% complete. I will post updates as they come but i just want some feed back on it. You will have to copy and paste the link...
  7. Marauder

    Copter wip

    like the name of the thread says... thats 3 min's of work, ill put some more effort into it... made it again, to show ppl that not everything is random, but im sure that someone *cauhg*imsotalkingaboutsparrrightnow*caugh* will still go and say: WHY DIDNT U MAKE ANY DRIVER SEETS , OMG IT...
  8. swedish_gnome

    Realistic suggestion about piccolos transformation

    I'm not sure if this have been suggested before but i didnt find a thread about it... I want piccolos tranforamtion be different, first when you choose piccolo he has his weighted clothes on(the cape and the funny hat). the tranformation should be permament(like buu's). the animation is like...
  9. DBZFever

    Someone help me wit this drawing

    can someone help me finish this guys legs and hands. If youre going to use him somewhere ask me first, and if its a hentai site your answer is no right now.
  10. KarrdeKNR

    Day of Defeat wad goes open source While technically not ESF related, this might be of interest to some of you people looking for some relatively realistic textures for buildings and such. As the topic says, the DOD wad is now open source which gives anyone the rights to use and edit it in any...
  11. ssj999vegeta

    red saiyan aura

    im making a red saiyan skin and i wanna no if i can change the aura for just my skin and not every skin cos i have changed the saiyan aura but now all saiyans are red saiyans
  12. Vengaurd

    Back from the watery grave

    havent been here for a while, thats mainly because my computers been unstable, but now im back and ready to work agen. to prove it, heres a new sprite for you copy and paste that i didnt base it off of the show, maby after this ill...
  13. T

    Realistic Fight Mode

    Well, I'm sure this idea has been posted before, since it is such a great one, and because of its greatness, it should be posted again. A realistic fight mode...not a big change to the actual operation of the game. In fact, the only change is a much higher HP...perhaps up to X50 the hp...
  14. D

    I Finished My Ssj5 Goku Model You Can Download It Here!!!!!!!!

    ok im finally finished with the model, i looks almost like the picture below with a few changes you can get it at my web site post some relpys to let me know what you think of it: wait for the intro to finish to enter the site and then click on the link right about the ssj5 goku pic...
  15. TimTheEnchantor

    Experiment Manip 2

    The blood under the eyes, I am still working on...please NOTE that lol.. This is a test version below, please note I just want to see comparison's between the two. The one below has no water texture, the top does.
  16. Morrone

    New Beam Idea Realistic To Show!

    This is a great idea because it is realistic to the show because there is no such thing as just detonating your charge in mid air, it blows when it hits something orit eventually wears out and difuses into nothing. It's also realistic to the show to just simply stop putting energy into an...
  17. F

    My Final Justice

    Look below for updated image
  18. SA_Gohan

    Realistic Damage (or point damage)

    If any of you have played Mechwarrior you know what I'm talking about. Realistic damage would mean that when you get shot, punch, or your character was otherwise injured on a certain part of their body, you would lose health for only that part of the body. This would mean a new health hud...
  19. VivaLaPineapple

    my quick sketches

    i only work in pen so there ya go
  20. I

    some of my realistic art work

    hey check this out! and this is what it was