1. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Raditz - The untold story

    seriously if you are interested let me know i got a massive story lined up. don't mind the basic drawings. its the style i'm using. should i keep going? Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  2. john_volkov

    ESF Movie Arival of Raditz

    As the title sayis I am working on a movie whith andreyesf . This movie is form Arival of Raditz so I hope you like it We will sone finish, it we're just at the battle of Raditz here is a screm shot form the movie I think By the day of this day we will finish it + uplode encoding bla bla...
  3. D2


    Lets skip the chit chat, here's Raditz Click to Enlarge and an extra render ^_^ Tips, Comments and/or Drawovers are welcome :)
  4. A


    Maybe you can add Raditz in ESF. I think it would be pretty decent.
  5. Y


    im beggin anyone who is feelin nice help me convert a good raditz model to 1.2 edit:if you are goin to convert it to 1.2 then post bak and ill give you my email and send it over msn
  6. Jimesu_Evil

    Raditz {WIP}

    Yeah that's right people I'm back, and this time I'm making Raditz from scratch: Okay need to know what you guys think.
  7. D

    Need Raditz Model

    i was just wondering if any of you had the raditz model pack and if so could give me a working site that has it right now or could transfer it to me over something like aim. if you can, could you please do so! :laff:
  8. K

    RADITZ MODEL NEEDED !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can somebody please tell me where to find a raditz model for esf. He is the character in Dbz and i would really like to use him in esf as that is the greatest dbz game ever
  9. VenemoSo

    anyone have a Raditz model..?

    i been searching for a raditz model..and nevah find one... i was wondering if one of yall..have one..or a perfect cell...haaaaa...yaah ! :laff: ..like the one that made smo... :devgrin: anyway ..thx..and peace
  10. B

    raditz model??

    hey does anyone know where i could get the raditz model? and i was also wondering if anyone had these files aura.wrl , aura2.wrl and auralow.wrl cause i need them cause i overwrited them by mistake without backing them up thx my e mails [email protected]
  11. Pain


  12. RED_Dragon

    still looking for raditz

    Well i still need the model and I dont know why me last thred closed
  13. RED_Dragon

    Looking for raditz model

    Im Looking for Jimesu_Evil's RaditzV3 or what ever its called the 3rd virsion of raditz that one with the transperent scouter back when red sayian was up i tryed to download it but the link was down so if enybody can give it to me that would be great!:]
  14. I

    Raditz Wip

    im starting a raditz model.. the whole thing will be done pbp unless i get lazy like i did on vegeta :p well check it out
  15. C

    SSJ raditz?

    i found this web site, its in spainish and you have to go to the end of the page to see him...but they look real... tell me what you guys think will ya? The one of the left is ssj, the one on the right is him trainsforming....i think... But i think there Db Af, i dont know, help...
  16. U

    af models to do

    O_O this models someone has to do because there so cool here they are http://www.angelfire.com/dbz/royalsaiyanz/dbaf2.gif http://www.angelfire.com/dbz/royalsaiyanz/dbaf23.jpghttp://www.angelfire.com/dbz/royalsaiyanz/dbaf.gif http://www.angelfire.com/dbz/royalsaiyanz/dbaf10.jpg
  17. Jimesu_Evil

    Raditz v3

    I have updated mine and Brollman's Raditz model to be 1.1 compatible, and also made some new improvements. Check it out... Here is a list of improvements: - Edited the hair, now it looks more like Raditz hair (the old hair looked too neat) - Added his red armband and legband -...
  18. G

    Raditz arena.

    Have anyone thinkt about makink the place where Raditz is fougt with mountains, the capsule Raditz arrive on earth and a farm :smile:
  19. I

    A raditz skin

    lookie what do u think?
  20. Skinnerfool

    A raditz skin

    lookie what do u think?