1. B0Bmaster40000

    pfw logo

    what do you guys think of this new logo i made for my metroid pack?
  2. DaKD

    Inuyasha WIP

    I decided to divulge my talents in another anime hehe Crits please Updated pic below
  3. ultrassj_vegeta

    new gundam wp

    new gundam wallpaper.. crits
  4. E

    Low quality pics

    i'm looking to uinsert some art into nmy sigs and i keep getting bad quality pics that my normal methods can fix (you know i sharpened-too-much look)can anyone give me some advice?
  5. TAz00

    Nc_Cliffs (With Pics)

    Nc_Cliffs DONE! Well I made a new map for the Neo clan... Not much to other than there will be a link to the map on thier website sooner or later. Me and [NC]ND are testing the map for errors and such at the moment.... There is now 3 secret rooms, or one of them is more like a tunnel...
  6. sexyasian86

    New Vegetto-HAIR::

    well Credits -> Logan/Brollman for the Vegetto model and Skin. and me sexyasian86 aka psycho^saiyan. made the hair edit, cause i got sorta annoyed by how the hair was. i'm sure u all agree. also did some plastic surgery on his chin, cause it was a little too pointy and out of proportion...
  7. A

    Piccolo Model (High Quality)

    Hey There, We're working on a very nice Piccolo model, we need help with it.. so far we've done is his head, his cape and his shoulder pads... so we might need some serious help... You can check out the pictures on: Http://www.dignity4life.com/esf/development.htm So if you think you can...
  8. A

    Pikkon Model (High Quality)

    Hey Guys, We are making a high quality Pikkon model, so far we have done the head but we're looking for someone who can do the body. If anyone want's to try and help us... please let us know by sending an e-mail to: MaxX@dignity4life.com Greets, MaxX, Scarecrow, Snake & Amaru...
  9. TimTheEnchantor

    A try at new art...intro'ing the Foreign Legion

    Well I decided to try a different approach here for grunge...I took some pulp fiction from different sources etc and added my own little touches to it... If you can guess the subject, its: Join the foreign legion! Fight crime(the guy in the corner), get pretty girls! and have fun doing so...
  10. G

    My First Wallpaper

    This is my first wallpaper. Since this is my first I wanted to start out unique so I picked Bubble Gum Crisis. I have been working on this wallpaper for over a month because I had never done one before. *I HAD HELP!* Crits?
  11. T

    TheWasp Wallpaper Thread

    Ok This is my first time EVER making wallpapers, So bare that in mind when you comment about my work (Please be gentle :)).Go here to check out the wallpaper. Critz and Comments Please. Thanks. P.S. I made it to be used on my desktop. ;)
  12. K

    My music video

    Hey everyone I just made my first music video. If anyone wants it just e-mail me the_better_li36@hotmail.com Its not the best quality one that i made. The better one takes to long to upload. Ill give details of the video when i send it.
  13. S

    Request: High quality Goku skins?

    What are some links to the best quality completed Goku skins? Anything will do. SSJ 2, 3, different cloths, Etc... Thanks.
  14. R

    Wallpaper!!! Take A Look

    Hey Guys .. I was just wondering if i could have a little feed back on my wallpaper if it's anygood, thanks. I have made others .. a lot other but this i need CRITS!
  15. S

    god @¼-• i need help!!!!!!

    i only have seven days left on my milkshape and when i try to compile .qc file milkshape crashes. logan told me the textures need to be 256 colors but i don't know how to change it. please help before i have a stroke and die :cry:
  16. Marauder

    new work

    Hi, since ppl dont look at my wp thread anymore, i made this thread, cause i need dome help on this: ok, exept the text, what do u think i could add to make it better, im kinda stucks, and the pic came out low quality, donno why, but it looks alot better when its put as a wp. btw this if...
  17. Hostile

    My kung-fu skin

    Hey guys! I've been working on my own kung-fu skin for the past week, thought i'd show it off. It's based on the awesome Saiyaman model and skin by AZN. What u think? Any suggestions? If anyone knows how I can get the belt totally white, or get rid of those grey lines across his legs...
  18. Naz

    Pro: LotT

    Heavily inspired by Lord of the Trance - Tiësto crits comments etc are welcome grtz Naz edit: color is yet to be defined
  19. A

    High Quality Models Option

    Hi... I've Found Something Wrong With This Feature... Might Be that They Didnt Make High Quality Aura Models.. So When You Click On High Quality... And You Transform... You Can't See The Aura Or Special Effects. So If Anyone Has That Problem Same As I. I Hope This Helps.
  20. N

    Vegetto finished

    Hi all, sorry for taking so long, but life gets busy so it took me a while longer than i hoped to get everything ready. Well anyway, the good news, is that the model is up for download here: http://www.ned-art.com/vegetto.zip It includes the model in several different formats, and 2...