1. Spunky

    Vista Gets PWNED Haha wow, just ****ing wow.
  2. Spunky


    Anybody want invites? I just got into the beta. If you don't know what PWNED is, it's basically like MySpace, but for gamers. So, if you want an invite, drop your email here or PM it to me and I'll hook you guys up.
  3. I

    omigawd pwned!

    gawt bored, twied tu make a funneh. teh gun n alyx be fwom half-deadTEW! and teh muneh shotted zombie and bg be from dewm3. dis wuh welly happenz when dewm and half-deadTEW meetz! *edit* which is better? animated or non animated non animated: animated:
  4. Tassadar

    Definition of pwned? Right here.
  5. Tassadar

    Naruto = pwned

    Naruto has been liscensed. Major suckage. I thought Naruto was starting to suck anyway... so it doesn't bother me too much.
  6. suicidal_maniac

    Ricer Pwned.

    This happened a few houses away from me. Some ricer got caught doing something illegal. So me and my friends put my digital camera to use :P /me laughs at skyline
  7. A

    Haha, Bill O'Reilly got pwned lmfao For any of you who are actually into politics, or just like how rediculous popular right-wing television and talk radio shows are, this will be gold. For those of you who aren't, it will still be pretty damn hilarious. Underneath the...
  8. suicidal_maniac

    Forum Art

    Heres some original art i made for forum use. Feel free to use these however you please without any respects paid to me. I will post a few more of mine later.
  9. owa

    Show Your Pwned-***** Work. lol

    Just a topic for people to rip or attempt to rip someones sig on the forums. Of ocurse give credit and stuff. This isj ust for fun so don't take it seriously, as long as no one starts flaming we should be fine so just start showing some work you pwned. Heres somthing Light-Scream did...
  10. L

    help me in milkshape

    k i finally got the hang of modeling and im working on a face... it looks really good but in the 3d veiw (on smooth mode) it looks all black with little lighting.. its the same under the flat shaded mode... im i doing something wrong in the program? the model does look good so far.. dont got...