1. N

    CS pwn! ESF n00b plz help me:)

    Hey, I really love this mod good ****. However i blow! i cant connect to any server (.dll) i tried some things and it wont work still. so i am stuck playing bots where my other problem is happening. I cant acend to SSJ at all even after i pass like 3mil PL. Is this normal?? can someone plz help...
  2. owa

    We pwn the world at hockey

    Hey, anyone else watch the World Junior Hockey Championship final last night? Canada VS. Russia Damn good game, we finally won the world juniour after going 7 years without a gold. 6-1 was the final. This was probably the best junior team we have ever had. I dare say it may be the...
  3. MopageBoy


    Pwn?? ok i can guess what it means... But what does it really mean????
  4. D

    doesnt mario pwn?

    well what do u think of this 1 this is like my 3rd sig made
  5. DiebytheSword

    Meh, some new stuff because I haven't been in here in a while.

    These are the first peices of art someone paid me to make for them. Woo hoo. I haven't done anything lately but these, but I plan on attacking my scetch pad soon. En garde! *adding them in a moment, couldn't attach to forum* I don't watch Yugioh, so I did use reference pics for...
  6. D

    "Wing-X" is COMPLETE!

    Can j00 say...1337 PWn4GE!? :D
  7. S


    it means owned or somthing i dont know what the p is for
  8. Saiya-jin Jin

    Esf Wallpaper???

    Hey guys wouldnt it be possible for u to rate and post our ESF wallpapers.. it wud be our way of thanking u and leeting ESF spread.... maybe u can hold, wallpaper of the week kind of competitions.. would keep ppl coming back to site! Junaid PS check out my signature, notice anything different?
  9. S

    Fantasy Map

    Ok heres something I worked on a lil last night, not quite sure exactly what it is yet... the mod its running on is called SoS although the map isn't intended for it :-) ermmm check here for the images sorry about...
  10. Epedemic_Optikz

    New Sig

    I Kinda Like This Sig So Im Gonna Replace It!! :] EDIT 72: ok there we go finally.:]
  11. R@!D3R

    -]DS[- Website Layout!

    Well I've started to make a layout and here it is What you guys think? If you want to join emial me at [email protected] later
  12. OFFSPRiNGCo16

    Hiei Model

    A preview of the model made by Enfinity for me and gs's mod the Dark Makai Tournament 2003. Shoulders still need fixing but its just a little preview. Its of Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho. Enjoy! :p
  13. Sk8d0g


    ok, maybe someone can help me out but WHAT IN THE FREAK IS WITH PWNAGE?!?!?!? its about the stupidest thing ive seen, i dont know how it replaces ownage, i mean it looks like someone accidentally went for ownage and hit the p key next to the o key instead and said they did it on pupose...
  14. L

    Goku Jr and Vegeta Jr

    Here is a pic i drew on paintbrush of Goku Jr and Vegeta Jr from DBGT and was wondering what you guys think of it
  15. D

    Fades PWN in NS! :D

    heh.....15 mins....and i got this score....but its my brothers name..."RAYN"...(wut a lame name.....looks like he spelled RYAN wrong or something :S)...and the game wouldnt let me change imma edit the pic. NE one know wut font they use for that? lol oh yeah.....if u use a...
  16. ultrassj_vegeta

    gundam wallpaper thing

    tel me wat u guys think... like i still crap at photoshop.. duno how all the filters work yet...
  17. Ryoko

    Some Ah My Goddess wallpapers (not mine)

    Someone I know wanted comments on these wallpapers he made. They are simple, but they do look pretty good. Can you say which you like better and why please?