1. Z

    The Open Beta - is melee gone on purpose?

    Hey guys. I used to play ESF way back in the day. After coming back recently, I was amazed at this new Open Beta. I was also absolutely delighted by the new character models in the Open Beta. However, I am really confused about a few things. 1) What happened to the melee system? The only thing...
  2. Mr. Satans

    The Purpose of After-Images

    I'm bored right now in summer school so I'm dinkin' around on the net. Anyways, what is the point of the after image when diamonds are enabled by default? Diamonds arent included in the "after image" therefore the purpose of it is defeated. "LoL Why does that dude not have a 3ft diamond...
  3. C

    Masenko? Is there ANY purpose for it?

    Anyone actually use this or FOUND a use for it? Im guessing its broken and will be made useful someday? (Its an attack thats slower, weaker, and equal blast radius of the Generic beam, untill the two charcters who use it transform, the generic beam has bigger range then it).. Is there any reason...
  4. S

    person crashing server on purpose

    I don't know if this is the place to post this "name:lbd uniqueid: 394951" is crashing servers on purpose using gohan's sheild. He crashed the PT server a few times, and he knew it was gonna crash cause he said he was gonna do it. Hope someone can do somethign about this.
  5. I

    gt trunks

    here's an edit of nuttzy's base model... its trunks from dbgt.... the model is far away from completion.... crits are welcome but im not going to look at em because yall dissed my goku model just for the simple fact that he was black :S
  6. MajinPuNk


  7. E

    where the hell is the MILKSHAPE3D tutorial

    where the hell is the MILKSHAPE3D tutorial??? i have now milkshape and wanted to start modelling and dont understand it :D or somebody can help me?
  8. P

    Forum Rules and FAQ

    First off. 1) This is NOT for posting Server IP's or asking FOR Server IP's If you are looking for servers to join go here http://www.gametiger.net/search?game=all&server=esf&count=100 2) Please be as specific as possible with your questions or problems. Include all relevant information...
  9. Optional

    Opty's Bryce Works

    (thx groovy fo' da hostin') w00t finally... whatca think? PS: oh yes, i forgot to mention that it is 150,000 polys...

    dodgy pic. thread

    I dont have any of my own. But post all ur most dodgy pics that u drew by accident, on purpose or what ever. (just thought we would get some strange stuff here:p )
  11. TwisteR


    our caln has our own map now. its called nc_laserarena. its a cool little map so you should try it out. sorry for low qual pic:( http://image1ex.villagephotos.com/pubimage.asp?id_=2236943 and you can get it here http://www.freewebs.com/neo-clan/nc_laserarena.zip[
  12. M

    Spawning off the ground

    How come whenever I make a map people cant walk directly on the ground? They are always stuck a few feet off the ground walking on air. And if i move the playerstart any lower everyone starts in the ground and cant move. wra:\
  13. P

    modeling with 3dsmax

    is it possible to model/export with 3dsmax? what are the polycount restrictions? Any tutorials? I would have searched for this b4 i posted, but considering "3ds" is only 3 chars. i couldnt :-p
  14. S

    Sig + Wallpaper

    Ive made my first sig and wallpaper with 3dsmax, just click my sig to view the wallpaper, CnC pleez :)
  15. L

    Rate This

    I worked on it last night when i was bored lol. rate it not my best but i'nm at school and have nothing better to do
  16. B

    Old Vegeta update

    here see pic :)
  17. A


    how do i deocompile it
  18. Escobar

    Wogasm Sig Thread

    This is gonna be my sig thread where ill post up some of my s*** that ive come up wif Well this is something i just wiped up so tell us wot u think...
  19. N

    Nothing to special..

    I made this today, I had a few minutes break off work..Heh sorry too.. I'm not sure if it belongs here either. ;/
  20. Q

    New Band Logo

    Well..............its been one helluva long time since my last post......since then i have done....absolutly nothing >:D Anyways me and my band were thinking of changing our name. We still havnt found the right one that we all like. I figure i do a logo for what I thought the new name should...