1. C

    gohan with blue suit?

    if any gohan with blue trainings suit is out there please give me the dl link.
  2. shadow16

    What is the file name for the sayin glow,purple glow

    Anyone know what is the file name for the sayin glow,purple glow because I wanna replace the normal clear aura with the colored ones...thanks
  3. Super_Vegeta.LE

    SSJ3 Gotenks model WIP

    like the title says :)
  4. M

    font colour

    I made this new siggy and i want to know what colour font will look good on it. I made it myself, no free graphics or anything. Want to use it instead of my other sig. But i can't seen to settle on a colour for the font. Plz help me out. Thanks.
  5. M

    Mystic Gohan improvement pack part 2

    Um,i didn't know it was leaked,i d/l it of red saiyan and i thought it was released,i found the sounds crap,so i released a hq soundpack made by me,i made a pack including the gohan model for easyness for those people who dont have the model,and a pack exclusive that model for the ones who...
  6. A

    Vegeta ssj4

    hi all here vegeta ssj4 its my great skinned model :) :) not Stolen!!!!!!!!!!! its an edit from me and the original modler unknown but i leech the original model here !! See here : Download here :http://home.arcor.de/andman2u3/ssjvegeta4/
  7. F

    Futile's Sig Thread

    I'll just use this thread for my sigs....nothing else.
  8. Ryoko

    Sig (crit me!)

    Yeah there they be. First sig since thread shut down! Crit me!
  9. K

    Innards of buu map

    yo guys, I was just watching my copy of the latest dbz's "254-260" with buu and all, and thought: "hey, that would be a good map!" - Innards of buu! It would be more vertical, then the current, typical horisontal model. With moving things, and those pools of "digestive acid" that take off hit...
  10. VivaLaPineapple

    quick layout

    done completely in psp7 what ya think http://www.deviantart.com/view/651335
  11. VivaLaPineapple

    wallpaper advice

    what should i add in the bg?
  12. S

    Rivalry [Goku vs. Vegeta]

    Well, Yesterday my Isp went down so I made a Wall for fun I know I said 10 mins but I lied :rolleyes: It was more like a 20 minute wall... Anyways, Enjoy :)
  13. D

    SSJ Shadow is making a Model of Cooler.....We need help

    We are having some problems making this BMP file 97 kb. Photoshop cant compress BMPs.....well, at least on mine it cant. We were wondering if some of the people from the ESF Team could tell us how u made it that small. Right now its at 285 kb. Please help....
  14. S

    dsf_spacefight [new map]

    ey guys my first map is ready!!!!!!! i have call it "dsf_spacefight". DSF is from my clan Dutch Special Forces! lol. but i only dont know how to set my pics in this thread?:cry: if u guys know tell me plz.
  15. A

    Who Trunks Looks Like

    from the front the esf trunks model looks kinda like Bruce willice wearing a purple wig... juss so u all knoe... i like his body n everything... juss wanted to bring that to everyones attention :D lololol
  16. J

    your sig koblano

    here it is :) <img src="http://www.ffweb.barrysworld.net/koblanosig.jpg">