1. Barney

    Pixel Art - By your favorite purple dinosaur

    So I decided to dabble into the pixel art realm for a little bit. Some things look amazing and I want to try and get to that point. But for now here's a start. This is a little self-portrait I did. I like how it came out, but I wanted to see what you guys thought. I used a tutorial for this and...
  2. Suh Dude

    Sasuke + purple???? ZOMGZ

    Uh... yeah. I did it while ago but looking for critism. =o
  3. bapplebo

    My go at purple girl

    I forgot to save .psd. This took about 30 mins. I learnt what type of smudge brush to use and how to place my hard-brush colors. EDIT: FOrgot credits again, im forgetful X_X. www.3dtotal.com
  4. Cold Steel

    Purple ownage !!!!!!

    Godgundam's purple man. Am i glad he's wearing shorts. Looks awesome. :yes:
  5. I

    my gotenks model edit

    been bored... as usual... and decided to do a gotenks model edit because the last gotenks one wasnt that good well here it is... credits to: shijing and asian for the parts i took off their kid buu model, and nuttzy for the male base model...
  6. DaKD

    Hiei BG

    Im pretty new to making BG's so heres a Hiei BG I made. Critz plz
  7. Kreshi

    My fist own Model!!! Only animations and Skeleton are by Darktooth!

    Hiiiiiiiiii :D My first model is finished in ssj- form! It relplaced ssj- trunks... the normal sj- version isn´t finished jet.. give me some crits please :D Pics: The download- link will come soon Please tell me also how the sj- version can look like^^ :D
  8. §lipKnot

    New Trunk Tell Me What U Think

    I Reskined a trunks model from the esf team and i wann know what u think http://www.geocities.com/jim_man68/ESF_TRUNKS and yes it is done........ it has been done for about 2 nights my bad its the bottom one......... band with is killing it i took some things off i hope it will stay open when...
  9. S

    mystic dreams

    http://webpages.charter.net/gsmith2001/uselessresponse/mysticdreams.gif comments and crits are welcome as always made in: photoshop
  10. Lethal_Vegetto

    I Postes about this a while ago..

    What happend to someone making a teen gohan in his Birthday unigorm. The one with the white shirt and purple pants and shoes like krillins. Please tell me if anyone will make something like this for 1.1? Thx
  11. E

    Scouter Colors

    um who ever wanted the scouter colors which are red, blue and purple i think i have them just PM me or give me your email i believe it was Emperor who wanted them:rolleyes:
  12. K

    any one?

    have a link to an adult gohan in the purple suit?
  13. A

    Gohan Request

    Can anyone make adult gohan in his purple suit with short hair?I have a model but that 1 sux.It needs to be a good 1.When it transforms it need to be ssj3.WITH NICE HAIR not suckage.
  14. Skyrider

    Map req:

    i whas thinking of internal sky fight. its a BIG sky map compleetly only SKY and if you hit the end of the map you will be teleported some furhter back to the map again. you think of yourself.. yeah yeah simpel map. really easy. make it yourself.. yadayada. but i cant make it. so plz :) :D
  15. Skinnerfool

    Badman Model pack RELEASE!

    I give credt to logan for the tien model Esf team for trunks model Esf Team for vegeta model k i haven't benn done but I GIVE UP!!!! here what i didn't finesh NOW NOW GO AND GET HERE AND CLICK HERE IF YA WANT IT! and i could make vegetunks better if sumone just did that request i that i...
  16. Epedemic_Optikz

    Gallit Gun Aura

    Well,Just incase nobody has noticed,I made an electric gallit gun aura.It is hosted on Vengaurds site also and if you guys want or need a pic here is one. Heres the download link also. http://usa.internations.net/vengaurd/ggunaura.zip Crtz Would be nice. :]
  17. X

    esf_mid.bsp Help!!

    im having problems with the esf_mid.bsp map... every time i go in it i get: WARNING: texture lump "asphalt_road-5" not found WARNING: texture lump "canyoncliff-2" not found WARNING: texture lump "grass_dirt-1" not found I CAN go in it but it's all messed up once im in.. does anyone...
  18. VivaLaPineapple

    which color nned help or jesus finally fixed hopefully
  19. I

    Adult gohan: Purple suit??

    Can anyone make me a ADult gohan with his purple suit on?? its in all those SNES-emulator games and I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Mystacx

    Adult gohan: Purple suit??

    Can anyone make me a ADult gohan with his purple suit on?? its in all those SNES-emulator games and I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!