1. Optional

    Pulling hair out of my head!

    OK, I just thought up of something really cool to make with Valve Hammer! It requires vertex manipulation, right? OK, I make a block. Then, I barely move it up and boom! Invalid Solid Structure error! I do a fix and it moves it like 50 ft. away from where the hell I wanted it! Gah, it's so...
  2. V

    i FINALLY got milkshape!!!!!!plz help

    ive got milkshape now i need too know how to use it anyone wanna tell me plz?:D :D :D :D :D
  3. Bangoth

    Idea....(moterators pulling there hair out right now)

    I read through all the suggetions(acculy stoped at page 7) i had a idea cuz it kinda didnt make sence to have goku on the evil team(i know the one where it says why force them to be a weaker character)well ive been thinking why not just make it like dmz(ya ya there rival dbz thing and you dont...
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