1. B

    Proof wrestling is real If that's not real wrestling, I don't know what is.
  2. Mkilbride

    Steam kicks ass, Valve has proof. So basically, for the last 6 years, sales double every year, insane.
  3. D

    if you believe in god, this might be some proof...

    O_O ive heard of some extraordinary thing but thats just insane. seriously, thats an excellent pro-god argument right there. logically, scientifically, biologically that should NEVER be possible. even landing on a springy roof, on top of your partner with a matress beneath you, you STILL...
  4. G

    I have proof that naruto Rise of a Ninja only goes to episod 80

    Link -
  5. I


    I know u guys dont support ecx but this guy whos steam name is Alias Node. I posted this here so i can link the post from corona bytes to here so they can see the picture. HOW DO U GO SSJ4
  6. Pieter Paul Rubens

    D-12's Proof shot.. Thought some of you might care.. I for one don't care that much, but I do pay my respects to his family, friends and fans.
  7. majin uub

    Some more proof, that it is fake

    in the first sentence of the letter it says, "in the recent MONTHS, a game know as esf has been widley circulated across the web" recent months? esf has been going for like what...4-5 years??
  8. sub

    It's no joke, I have proof

    This is no joke. Funimation did contact ESF and ESF is getting shut down. How do I know? I'm the one that contacted Funimation and told them about how ESF was infringing upon their copyright.
  9. J

    Proof that women are evil! o/

    First we state that women require time and money: Women = Time X Money And as we all know “time is money” Time = Money Therefore by substituting Money for Time we get: Women = Money X Money Women = (Money)2 And because “money is the root of all...
  10. B

    Proof Thats Theres A DBZ Movie!!

    Aha!! i have proof everyone check this out. Funimaion even has it on there homepage and has confirmed it. This is a pic of what Mr. Satan will look like in the movie, as u can see he's calling his agent on the set as he rides the subway train too see what time he has to be there for his take :)
  11. S

    PROOF! Real Host

    i reativated my ebfpworld acount see, and for more proof plz send me a pic and i will host it on that!
  12. Pain

    melee proof trans prob

    really need to find a solution to the melee immunity while transforming. some people will use it as a ghetto block. go to melee him and he starts to trans, when i dont hit him he stops his trans and hits me. maybe its a script or something cuz its pretty damn fast. anyway just a thing that i...
  13. L

    Cheating proof by testing.

    Time and time again ive seen excellent skills in ESF and most of which ive assumed are just that , skills. I did some testing a while back for several months to find out what possibilities there are for cheating , I needed to find out of such great skill really does exist. I no longer play ESF...
  14. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Bojac Trunks Wip

    Well i have started a wipp of bojac trunks , i want to make him the same as the movie i made him a brand new hair poly by poly , heres what i done so far , but the bones arent assigne i need Sin Goku to complette it:laff: credit to: Real modeler of trunks - belt ,boots, head , sword Azn -...
  15. Ultra33Gokussj3

    GT Vegeta Pack

    I have a new edit a GT Vegeta as norm/ss/sulful50% but no baby et (soon):laff: Credit to real modeler of Vegeta Heres the pic: Is it good or bad?
  16. |::>sugar<::|


    i have made some art u might like to see :] second one is: soz if there's too much ^^ i havent posted in a long time lol!!
  17. shinigami

    New art.

    I have this project going on a week and I decided to finish it. The text still needs work, but I wanted the graphic to speak for itself. Comments appreciated.
  18. M

    My new sig

    Hello everyone. I would like u people to check out my new sig. Please be honest about it.
  19. Phobius

    WP Contest Voting

    Wallpaper Contest. I've decided too do some artwork contests. For the first week it will be a wallpaper contest, then we will do some scanned art image contests and go from there. Their are some rules I wanted to go over before we start this. All images need to be posted by Sunday, Septemeber...
  20. Antoine3323

    2 New Sigs

    Alright, I just made both these sigs 2nite in about 20 min!! They r my first real sigs!! (All I did b4 was find a pic and slap my name on it!! :p) So, tell me whatcha think!! EDIT: They originally weren't this bad of quality either!! That just happened when I uploaded em, so if anyone...