1. Darkshadow

    RE:Goku jr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hey bloodyscruf youre goku jr is good but can you make it ssj plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz because it looks kind off weird first i am a litte guy then if i go ssj i see a tall guy;/ (and to the esfguys i know this supposed to be in the request thread but that thread of goku jr...
  2. S


    didnt PM because i needed u to see this u closed all my threads before i could apologise so "sorry buddy a bad call on my part" Close please
  3. R@!D3R

    Jaredster's Sig I made for him

    Well, it's 4:15 am I'm damn tired... I wanted to get this done though... I used 3dsm and Photoshop. What you guys think but please keep in mind it's 4 am Thanks
  4. owa


    Hey, I made a new sig, I was trying somthing with Blending sense I heard how in one of Spits or Judges posts... forget which person but anyways. I might use it... Please vote and give me some Crits or comments.
  5. DaKD

    Bandwith probs

    Well alotta people are complainign about my DL's well it cause i dont have enuf Bandwith. if anyone knows where a good host is plz tell me!
  6. S

    Final Fantasy

    About a 30 minute job, its basically just Photoshop with just a little bit of 3dsm. Enjoy ;)
  7. I

    New animation..better?

    hey here new animation i made it with biped and after that put it on the model.. which i better don't do again cus then it kinda looks **** after all... but the animation it self ain't bad:)
  8. S

    hi all, back again (and will prolly dissappear after this post) skinner needed

    ok, I'm back for the 1,234,343'rd time and am remaking super dragonball 200 (if anyone here remembers that, hibiki was helping me with it...but just...dissappeared one day...) meh anyways it was a dbz style video game, and I'm redoing sdb, but this time in 3d style! I found a game engine that...
  9. Synth

    Custom Character.....

    heres a character that came to me in an instance...... im gonna try and model her with milkshape 3D, wish me luck :cool: BIO name: MokuSei normal pl: 500,000 age: 18 height: 5 ft 4 inches weight: 115 hair: white eyes: white skin: green planet:KaSei(race destroyed by Furiza)...
  10. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    Photoshop special TEXT!!!!!

    I was just wondering how the hell the guys using photoshop , making those specially text tipes , like SPIN , look at the Banner on the banner is made with photoshop i think , but what about the text? I can only write with text tipes like "Times new Roman" or soething ...
  11. J

    My model for my mod, Shogo

    Ok, this is the first player model I have ever made, And its still not done, I was want to show you it right now on what I have so far: Screen Shot (In my Dev Journall) Comments? Thankie ^_^
  12. imported_Mirai_Trunks

    why !!!!

    For some reason my ms3d doesn;t like to compile my qc file!!!>. it won't compile the reference part. if i do it without the reference it finishes compiling my qc file... can someone that uses ms3d see if it is just my computer? if you wana try em let me know and i will email the files to...
  13. greentaco

    Artwork Tutorials

    Post all links for Artwork Tutorials in this thread please. Digitexturia - Noah GreenTaco
  14. T

    Preview of a model in progress

    Here's a little preview of a model I'm currently working on. It is an altered version of Pyrofragger's public model. Optimized for use in Half-Life (Lower Polycount). Thanks for the base, Pyro. Just so you know, it is a modified version of Pyrofragger's public model he released. I used it as...