1. Z

    trunks with long hair prolly for esf and hl2

    yeah i thought start on it to this trunks always was my favourite and seeing the others making it it kinda made me want to make it to so i did ^_^ c&c ?
  2. MasterTrix

    Bad? prolly :x

    I am so noob, so give me a break ;) This one I made recently. I don't think it's that bad, I could have made the white lines less thicker.
  3. T


    critz tooik me about a hour
  4. R


    Ok I was bored again to death this time....then suddenly this idea pops out of my head Copy and paste the link,I'm not bothering with renaming to .txt because people using browsers other than IE would have display probs.... I need some...
  5. J

    Something you prolly havent seen of the matrix :) hehe nice eh :)
  6. S

    canyon :O

    im prolly not gunna release it since this is my first post here (registered ALONG time ago....) anyway here are some screens [edit]what do you know 7 posts :P
  7. E

    New Layout, what ya think?

    Hey guys, Ive been kinda busy, but yesterday I whipped up this new design, what do you guys think?
  8. Mr. Satans

    Valve Hammer Editor v3.5b & ESF

    The beta version of Valve Hammer Editor v3.5 has some nice new features, and I was wondering if there is an updated .fgd for viewing models n stuff.
  9. B

    my first model and reskin please check it out

    ok update damged vegeta check it out please the pics are in the bottom of the page credits esf team
  10. SpriGGan

    Esf Modelers

    i have only recently signed up on this forum as you can tell by the psot count lol but i have been reading and following certain threads for a lnog time now but never botherd posting. Mostly i have been interested in downloading models for esf and the one thing that i realy annoys me is when...
  11. M

    Can anyone make me ?

    Can anyone make me wolfwoods cross of trigun, compile in a v and p world view ? thx its for a mod, your name will have the credits
  12. S

    1 ... 2 ... or 3?

    Hey.. got bored.. whipped this up real quickly , so tell me which one you like , and/or critisize why you don't like them ^_^ thank you. v1 v2 v3...
  13. S

    another bojack trunks

    a good bojack trunks! ok i made a bojack trunks out of the majin vegeta model and the orig trinks. and i used brollmans ssj trunks head. i would show pics but my uploaders is under maintainence. can i send the pic anthe model to someone so they can host it. and i changed the burnig attack...
  14. Mr.Bugskin

    Convert Saddam model?

    well can someone convert this model for esfplease cuz i wanna kill saddam many times and heres the download mdl its a conter strike model and pic
  15. Mr. Satans

    Bored? Need an idea? I HAVE 1!!

    Make a Mr. Satan model :yes: DakD was making one (I doubt he got started) but that of course never happend, many of my requests for a Mr. Satan model have been rejected as I expect this prolly will but if anyone would make one, I could make a sound pack for it! I had a Mr. Satan model...
  16. A

    My First Reskin

    Didn't show up? in the address bar. I made and SSJ version too. I'll seek a host, prolly turning to RS. Comments please? and yes, I do know about the seams.
  17. G

    Brolly models!

    I am looking for some brolly models i was wondering if anyone have or know where find some. thx
  18. T

    My USSJ Vegeta...comeplete

    ****EDIT** theres a picture.. keep looking on for the release. Up next is USSJ Goku and Vegeta
  19. shinigami

    My attempt at a Pro :/

    Didnt get it done the way I wanted but oh well. Didnt come out horrible though. I need to re work it.
  20. CyroTek

    question about psp7

    i´ve got a little prob, cause always i save a bmp skin in psp, and import it in half-Life model viewer, he say´s could not load bmp texture, and then i open it in paint and save it as 256colour, but then i lose some colours, what should i do? i´ve got no idea, sorry for my english, please...