1. ~*Logan*~

    How the ESF staff raises funds for their projects. Behold their master plot!
  2. G

    Community Projects

    I would like to ask the following question: If chaozu is finished by the community it will begin Project Gotenks. 1 Question: Will it be obtained through fusioning goten and chibi trunks or it will be a class?
  3. S

    Community projects and official releases

    Okay, while in the duel mode thread, i was thinking about something The problem with plugins and maps that are community released, is that its serverside, and many (95% of servers) servers just dont have any of them, and this is most likely due to server owners not knowing they even exist, or...
  4. Nuttzy

    yay for easy projects, (sdk included soon)

    i know its nothing fancy, but i was bored as hell and figured id do something quick and easy. no not your best friends mother, but a photoskinned playstation2. its 76 polys. base included. and there ARE a few i plan on claning up on my end, but when i release the model for a lil "skinning...
  5. ZeroNightmare

    More Community Projects?

    I think it would be neat to get the community more involved in ESF. Like with project tien, it would get things done a wi bit faster, and take some stress off the devs. Like new graphics or models, whatever needs done, and more stuff like making new ESF forum header competitions would be...
  6. Suh Dude

    Ekk...too many projects.. >_<

    Im starting too many projects, so, i decided to take a break from them, and try to make a skinning tutorial. Should I write it in html, or in images? ( This tutorial is for people who know the basic tools of Photoshop X.0
  7. Nuttzy

    oh the projects you think of when your sick(800x600 pics)

    as the thread title implies im feeling a lil bit under the weather, and ive been spending alot of time at my computer desk so though idea struck me to make a high poly scene of my computer desk, my desk is fairly cluttered and i do plan on doing everything from the bag of potato chips to the...
  8. dudeman

    It's time for something TOTALLY new!

    lo peeps we've seen flash stuff, all sorts of artworks, such as photoshop abstract, 3d rendered abstract, drawings, cg art, and much more.. now one thing ive never seen before is a 3d rendered film.. maybe im missed it but i think im the first...
  9. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Dbgt Goku Need Animator

    Like you renember in my last tread i have made a DBGT GOKU and now he looks like pro squad s , but i dont know how to assign the bones and vertex , so i need some on to doo it? Pic :
  10. G

    Released rmf file of my map

    I read someone would like to see rmf files of esf maps I would appriciate comments from the more expirienced mappers around :p so my future maps will be better
  11. Mystacx

    Announcement: Ultimate Gohan pack

    Lady's and Gentlemen, i am proud to announce the coming of a ULTIMATE GOHAN PACK this pack will tweak you esf into a heaven for gohan/ssj2gohan fans it will contain: *normal gohan *ssj gohan *normal gohan goku clothes *ssj gohan goku clothes *ssj2 gohan normal clothes *ssj2 gohan...
  12. Wuying Ren

    Two model requests

    Can anyome try to make a ssj4 Gogeta and/or a Oob/Uub model ?
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