1. Mkilbride

    Yamasaki Catleap monitors, insanely good prices for quality monitors.
  2. Mkilbride

    Guild Wars 2 prices announced; entirely digital, no physical copies besides CE. Prices. Normal Edition: 49.99$ Digital Deluxe Edition: 69.99$ Collectors Edition: 149.99$ (Yeah...I know...) So, Digital Deluxe for me, includes all the bonuses. I was going to buy the CE, as I love GW, but 150$ is far to much for the extras you get. 3x the...
  3. hleV

    Steam Game Prices

    Lithuania FTW.
  4. Killface

    The gas prices game!

    It's retarded, but post your city and how much gas costs. The cheapest one wins pie. Lapeer, MI, USA - $3.78 for unleaded.
  5. K

    Half-Life Prices

    well im gonna get halflife next week but all the stores ive asked have it for 20 dollars and im talkin about the gameof the year edition so far ive called bestbuy,compusa,and walmart they all have it for 20 dollars but i know it costs less and i think im being ripped off so if anyone knows were...
  6. S

    3D Studio Max

    hi i want to makes maps and i have worldcraft but friends telled me that with 3D Studio Max its going easyer.So i thought ill use them both, but i dont know where i can find it:cry: and i have searched every site.So plz if u know please tell me! cuz thats makes me happy;) .