1. Sc4recroW

    Check Out My "Art"

    Just some random "Art" I've made over the years, I have more than this, these are just the ones I had posted to IMGUR. I hope to someday become an animator or a manga artist but sadly I just feel like I'm not skilled enough. The only formal training I've had was a high school art class. I've...
  2. CankerousJak12


  3. Mkilbride

    Section 8: Prejudice actually looks pretty good. Got to say, 32 person MP, tons of weapons, variable combat types, 5 hour SP, multiple MP modes...pretty decent graphics... For 15$? I'd say that's stepping up the small Indie game bar. I mean people are paying 50-60$ for less. The first one...
  4. RavenTrunks

    Dynasty Warriors Online CB Giveaway (pretty much garanteed)

    I played this game a few years back in the japanese version. I thought it was neat and got pretty far for having no idea what the quests told me to do.;title;4 It pretty much gives you an activation key on the spot.
  5. Deathshot

    Pretty Badass Mouse

    Anyone seen the Cyborg R.A.T. 7? It looks pretty badass with all of the things you can do. But it is a bit pricey.
  6. Pain

    Some nice deals going on

    Toys R Us is having a buy 3 get 1 free deal going on. Normally they don't allow pre-orders to be used in these kinds of deals, but their website is allowing it right now. No idea if they'll fix it, but if anybody is interested in some upcoming big name titles like FFXIII or GoW3, you can use...
  7. Damaera

    City Building

    Alright, so I got bored and wanted to try and make a building for the first time: It's currently at 956 quads, pretty big for something minor like this.. I could've probably got away with 500 quads, but it's not really important to me, just something I did for fun. Also much ♥ to Adam for...
  8. Nuttzy

    Cheap Valentines Ideas

    ok guys, I know im like the 2nd oldest guy here but Im in a pickle. I am unemployed, I have little to no money, and I really really want to try and break my record for how many times I got laid in one night (currently 4, for those wondering, she lives with her mother and has kids so I still...
  9. Damaera

    [Old PotW] PoTW: Buu Renders

    Almost put 09.. damn, not used to it being the new year yet T_T
  10. Damaera

    Pretty Fly - Japanese Version

    So I went to HorribleSubs' website and I came across this video. What in the ****?..
  11. Deathshot

    Some Pretty old stuff....

    Wow I found something from long long ago. Back in 2006... Its the Original RaD Transformations for SSJ4. Man this sucked so much but it was so much fun to play around with.... SSJ4 Transformation while holding a Spirit Bomb...
  12. DiebytheSword

    This little video is pretty scary.

    I was given this link in an email today, and I thought I'd share it because it is quite disturbing if even one ounce of it is true. I definately has a conservative slant on it at parts, but there are other parts which check out and that's what makes it disturbing. Video on Barack Obama...
  13. SS4 Gogeta

    Thought this was pretty neat

    I wonder if if they can smell their sibs as well O_o
  14. Barney

    Does this seem like a pretty solid gaming rig?? I wanna build this after the summer, if I have enough money, and I just wanted to see if this is something you guys would do too. It's gonna cost about 800 bucks so I'm definitely not going for the high-end stuff...
  15. -Origin

    Okay, so I'm pretty much screwed here. Need help. :(

    Right, I don't usually bring questions like this to forums but I really don't have a choice this time.. It's like this, I have this assignment in which I had to make a weblog in php/mysql, right? Now I know next to nothing about that (I really regret choosing this subject but I can't do anything...
  16. xstortionist

    some pretty good news i assume for ESF future

    We'll recently I have had some theives still artwork off of my FTP for a company I am co-owner of, and we had to get a patent attourney to help us with trademark and copyright laws. While we got everything taken care of for Leather Lid Inserts I also had my whole art portfolio be turned in also...
  17. KidMan

    This is pretty interesting... This guy is good with his voice.
  18. G

    This Is Pretty Messed Up!!

    Hmm...I guess people just dont care anymoreO_o
  19. Growler

    Pretty cool

    Kinda whipped this up, thought it looked cool
  20. dbrulz72

    pretty sure everyones seen this its old. but its still pretty funny even if you arent a star fox fan :)
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