1. dan_esf_fanatic

    Damn pop-up errors!! MAKE THEM STOP!

    Alright, since a week ago I keep getting these damn pop-up errors, often in the middle of a multiplayer game, which severely gets on my nerves, since it automatically switches to it whenever it pops up: This is what it looks like. I think that a trojan is the cause, but I just can't seem to...
  2. SailorAlea

    Windows Messenger Pop-Up Ads

    Do you guys ever get those stupid "Windows Messenger" pop-up ads? It's a program built into WindowsXP, and people abuse it to try to spam you. It's really annoying, especially in ESF, where in OpenGL mode, if you alt tab, you lose sound. It makes you alt tab. Anyway, I did some search on...
  3. Z

    pop-up problem

    when i'm playing and pop-up appear, i lose my sound.There is a way to hear my sound again without exiting the game ? :confused: