1. Michno

    Planning on "making" my own pc

    As the title says, i'm planning on building, a new pc. At this moment i'm sitting at a laptop, an old compaq. so an upgrade is really due. my question is, how do i go about this? i know quite a bit about pc's but i have never assembled a pc before, besides from taking my laptop and...
  2. wheres_

    Planning a new computer.

    Now I'm really noob when it comes to this so if I can get some help making some informed decisions I would really appreciate it. I'm going for a something pretty much made for games and 3d work. I'm aiming to spend around AUS$1500-AUS$2500. I don't know hardware or brands very well...
  3. vinay87

    Planning to buy Lord of Destruction

    So I have the Diablo 2 Box edition, got it as a gift a month ago. I wanted to know if someone can tell me the plus points of me going out and buying the LoD expansion pack. Is it really worth it? Coz from what I see of the Druid and the Assassin, they arent really so impressive, but that might...
  4. D

    Pan Model

    Has anyone made a Pan model or planning on making one?
  5. TehMuffinMan

    Nasty Dragon Release!!!

    YAY!!!! anyways.. this is a replacement pack for almost everything related with the dragon, it replaces the dragon model into a torturing device, it replaces the dragonballs with 7 esf characters heads, it changes the sounds to somthing i cannot explain (heh) anyways.. enough of the words...
  6. W

    ESF Model Skeletons

    I decompiled the Gohan model to take a look at the skeleton. I must say, its a tad, uh, bulbous. Do you modelers out there actually use the big skeleton as a reference base or do you make your own for the model?
  7. M

    need link model please!!!

    i need so much a link model i have nice models vegetto ssj 3 and spawn or goku ussj5 for you [email protected]:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  8. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Cool Yamcha done

    Cool Yamcha done/download I have edited i nice Yamcha model heres a pic Tel me should i release it?:confused:
  9. DBZFever

    MY SSJ2 Gohan model!

    Im making a ssj2 gohan model, from this and i have made this Can someoen help me find a back picture and a side picture??
  10. TimTheEnchantor

    Indy art: Image size: 800x1900

    Exploding Aura - Image Res: 800x1900 56ker's beware Here's a image, it represents what I am going through at this moment in time - a very busy time. I am having tons of stuff go on in my life so this represents it. 2d art isnt fully done yet, so I hope you enjoy it as it gets updated...
  11. L


    has anyone made a adult gohan wearing the kai clothes? you know when hes training with the Z sword... if not can someone make it?
  12. S

    Check it out!, my first model!

    Check out my first model! Check out my first model! Check out my first model! This is my first model ever looks pritty good for a beginner ( i Think ) Tell my what you think about it!
  13. D

    enyone plz do me a favor

    make a huge model ex piccolo at the tenkachi budokai or a ozaru cuz it would be werry cool with a giant ape or a namekian
  14. D

    New Splash Screen

    Splash Screen SSJ Shadow made the BG, and I made the text....and cut out the Vegeta......wut do u guys think?