1. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Cool Yamcha done

    Cool Yamcha done/download I have edited i nice Yamcha model heres a pic Tel me should i release it?:confused:
  2. Marauder

    City:power of bryce

    well, ive been getting alot of **** from ppl saying that my work is only rendom and ugly... well,they are probaly saying it cause they have something against me...i dont really care -_- anyway...just to show u the power of bryce and the fact that i DONT just make random i made...
  3. sexyasian86

    MODELS!!!!!!!! [[for NEW site]]$$

    NEW MODELS!!!!!!!! [[for NEW site]]$$ hello hello NEw site is being made. Credits for the models will be on the site, so please DO NOT say i did not give credits. [itz just a picture] <TABLE style=filter:glow(color=blue,strengh=#+1)>Shijing, Soccer12jp, and Psycho^Saiyan (sexyasian86...
  4. A

    Shiek AKA Zelda model (and others)

    I was making some edits and I made shiek. I plan on finishing the head, finishing my Zora model and then making a Naboora model.:]
  5. DBZFever

    MY SSJ2 Gohan model!

    Im making a ssj2 gohan model, from this and i have made this Can someoen help me find a back picture and a side picture??
  6. Z

    Do they plan on putting voice chat in?

    I love it when i play cs its great
  7. Skinnerfool

    sumthing went wrong with milkshape

    when i download milkshape and i never used it before i tryed to make the incredble fighting candyand when i save tells me this This version has expired! You can not save your work anymore! Please register at to re-able saving!
  8. P


    my pics i was pretty bored earlier today so i made this crits wanted
  9. Jimesu_Evil

    Vegeta's Asteroid

    It would be cool if someone made vegeta's asteroid (the one he turned ssj on) complete with electrical storms, falling asteroids and a little capsule corp. ship. I know the asteroids would be incredibly hard to do, but in my theory it's possibe (I have very wierd theories).
  10. TimTheEnchantor

    Indy art: Image size: 800x1900

    Exploding Aura - Image Res: 800x1900 56ker's beware Here's a image, it represents what I am going through at this moment in time - a very busy time. I am having tons of stuff go on in my life so this represents it. 2d art isnt fully done yet, so I hope you enjoy it as it gets updated...
  11. Wangster

    a question.

    i am a starting modeler, and i would like to ask how to make my shape 3D, i use milkshape, when i import a background in the front view and make the verts and faces, then i have this flat thing, so my question is, if i make the other sides with verts en faces, will the head be 3D??
  12. B

    Trunks with sword

    I edit an trunks with sword look here he have it only as ssj and he cannot punch with it its only to see him with sword but it looks good Credits to tha Real Modler of Trunks and to me for the new hair :) Get it on my site
  13. B0Bmaster40000

    ESF Storm

    esf_storm is in production. im putting a lot more time and effort into this one than i did with esf_falls. This map will be a lot bigger than my last (about 4 times the size), im putting more effort into the terrain, and im gonna try make an electrical storm:laff: , just hope it doesnt krudd up...
  14. L


    has anyone made a adult gohan wearing the kai clothes? you know when hes training with the Z sword... if not can someone make it?
  15. Super_Vegeta.LE

    70% goku, (WIP)

    heres a new one from me :) enjoy :D
  16. E

    Everyone in here should do this!

    Go here check it out
  17. TimTheEnchantor

    Some good music to listen to whilst creating..

    Beethoven, Mozart, Techno(i mean if you just listen to it and create, you can create alot of things). Studies have shown that people work better on beats rather than hard-core music... But anyhow..just a little blog to get some of your minds going if it helps you at's some of what...
  18. S

    Check it out!, my first model!

    Check out my first model! Check out my first model! Check out my first model! This is my first model ever looks pritty good for a beginner ( i Think ) Tell my what you think about it!
  19. TimTheEnchantor

    Sig/Website update thread..

    This is my thread to show off my sigs, and updates on my website..currently, I'm looking for people to link to my site via link exchange , anyone interested , post here.. Now on to the sigs: My own sig: Sig made for Useless Response: If interested in a link exchange, contact me..
  20. Pommy

    My second drawing

    this is the second one I drew. Its all freehand but I used tutorials to learn how to do it. its not the best but I like it. <img src=> please post comments :D