1. -Origin

    I know the pieces fit, damnit.

    I'm not sure about the text though, I couldn't find a proper font and maybe it would look better without any text at all. Tell me what you think.
  2. Naz

    Revamped Pieces

    Holla, there was a request in the signature forum to show what I've done in the last months, I've mostly been doing work for other people, simple posters which I really don't consider artistic in any way. However, since I'm printing my posters I needed to revamp some of the old ones...
  3. ZeroNightmare

    3d Terrain Pieces

    I made these in terragen. they are the same piece modified sligtly each time. if anyone wants a link to the program i'll post, and i'll try to explain some things if you want to try. edit-http://www.planetside.co.uk/terragen/ i like the last one the best, its perty :) make some...
  4. Guru_San

    Random Old Pieces

    Yo i found an old old sig sitei forgot bout, but i found these things i made for my old PFX site, check it out lol C+C if ye want but i dont have them anymore lol... many many years of formatting! -SaN Man..oO- The old legend amoung.. only you forgot me, im in there...
  5. Soulicro

    Two pieces I made.

    Arrighty. So, I made two pieces last night. One is a wallpaper, the other... well, wallpaper if you dont have any icons... but I consider it just a piece. Sorry for the big size, my res. is 1280x1024. Piece: http://free.one.picturehost.co.uk/generator%20copy.jpg Wallpaper: v1...
  6. DragonDude

    A few pieces

    I've been messing around a little with Photoshop, trying to work on some techniques a little. I was never big with 2D art, so I've been practicing just for the heck of it. I've been bored, but I ramble. Here's a couple pieces I made, feel free to post critz/things I can improve on.
  7. |Da|K|

    New pieces for ya guys

    a few new piece i want some peeps to see.... Cirtz an comments are appericated... THX 1.FALLEN_ANGELS 2.Gods_GateWay 3. IRREVERSIBLE
  8. |Da|K|

    New pieces critz plz....

    hey guyz gots a few new piece i want yall ta peep.... cirtz comments are appericated..... 1.RL=http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/5059295/]FALLEN_ANGELS[/URL] 2.RL=http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/5077924/]Gods_GATEWAY[/URL]...
  9. Jonesdaniel

    First pieces of artwork ever

    Well, i was real bored last night, and for the first time, i decided to really go at drawing (well kinda copying) a picture. To my amazment it actually turned out half decent, and im pretty pleased with the result (they may look bad, but im like a begginer) Now i've come to ask are there any...
  10. TeKNiK

    latest bryce render

    Ok I dont usually show my bryce work on here but i think this turned out kinda nice... cant think of a good name for it though :S what do all you guys think..
  11. G

    Nc clan come here

    Hello, now i tried to map and its realy hard for a person as my self lol and so im asking u this. no i seen u all like to do weird and unreal maps while heres one for thought a mirror map nothing but mirrors cause u wouldn't be able to tell anything apart like someone can be so far and...
  12. DaKD

    It's been awhile but (SSJ2 goku WIP)

    I decided to do a bit of modling today and heres my work so far. Crits please. (And yes the halves are a bit off eheheh) (This model is entirely mine also) I think the neck needs work.
  13. V

    Goku GT plz

    Will the maker of that AWESOME :D Goku GT model with that with belt and that cool blue color and the yellow pants. I don't know who made it but i realy realy like it. If your the creator of it would you plz post on this treath ? Thx in advance.
  14. Seph`

    Coloring a Drawing in Photoshop 7.0!

    Hey, I'm doing some sketches and I want to know how I could Color them in PS7.0 I've seen dudemans attempts and it looks quite easy. Thanks, Seph
  15. owa

    My Drawing!

    hahaha. Well I did a little freehand drawing of Goku's head, and yes it is not nearly as good as Ryoko's, Cucs, or the Chimp, but then again I haven't drawn sense the Character contest thing for ESF. Anyways here it is, and I relize his chin is pointy, comments or Critz would be helpful...
  16. H

    photoshop question

    i have photoshop 7, and have been using it for a while now and im pretty good at it. i've been seeing a bunch of people making pieces that have little square grids on them, and i was wondering how u made them. im currently working on a bg for my CS clan and i needed to know how to do that if...
  17. G

    editing gohan model

    hey im editing the gohan model from dmz for use on esf . I have changed a few things already like the hair is like ssj2 the hair is the right color of golden yellow,but i want him to wear a different out fit. So i went to gokus files and got his body pic and applied it to the model but it is not...
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