1. D.C. Darkling


    Ok.. i am currently working on the saiyan saga vegeta I made. No.. I haven't done anything I wanted on it yet. This patch is merely to make it 1.1 compatible. (someone had to make more sequences for renzoku then the 1.0 model suggested :fight: ) I am now debugging it and rebuilding some...
  2. Wyatt

    New Recharge Sprite

    Ok i gots a recharge sprite i dont got a host so i cant show some pics or release the file myself but if sum1 can release this for me then im me at but it is muuuch better than the dots
  3. B

    nice multy power struggles pics

    beams beams2 beams and torpedos three beams enjoy the pics
  4. V

    New Project( model)

    I am working on a model of freddy kruger model I got the idea from the upcoming movie freddy vs jason go to to see the trailer of the movie
  5. Z

    new pics..

    heres some new stuff i made while i was away, crits please
  6. TehMuffinMan

    >>>>the New Solidus<<<<

    ive been working hard on the trans model of my solidus pack, mainly because losing his tenticles does not seem... a trans, so i have him a little.. juce ^_^ in other words, i have him amazingly large swords, yay ^_^ anyways, ive also been working on the animations for it too so the swords do...
  7. B

    now something completely different

    more pics here first of all, dont be sad or dissapointed, im still working on the android pack, but in the meanwhile im still working on the mods im in ... this is a 30's mob guy called charlie :p, hes the first model of the WiseGuys mod for HL2 (originally for ut2k3 but we find the hl2...
  8. S

    Gohan Short Hair

    Mdl by: Azn Edited By: SSJ3 Kakarott -----------------------------LOADING------------------------------- waiting for pic S-Bolt-- i have a host so dont close :D
  9. S

    SSJ 5 Gohan Short Hair

    Model By: Azn Edited By: SSJ3 Kakarott can someone host picture? pm me
  10. MysticVegeta

    Chibi Trunks pack

    I have almost finished my chibi trunks pack. I changed spirtes so trunks can do final flash and gallic gun attack. It has new sounds. It replace krillin. But the models are from Real guranga so i first must have promission
  11. S

    New Model, Ussj ShadoW Trunks

    i did this model with my cousin Ussj ShadoW Trunks can anyone host picture's?
  12. MaX

    AURAPACK Has returned. 1.5 RELEASED!. there ya go. i dont got any pics. but it is alot better. cl_fxquality 1-3 is the diff qualitys. 1 lowest FX 3 Best FX. anyway. extract it to. esf/models and overwrite the files... *copy and paste the link*. and critz to please.
  13. S

    another wallpaper

    give me some crits and please dont talk about the faces too much
  14. A

    Megaman Model!

    Its to replace vegeta. We didnt do Megaman X, we kept it old school. Its for vegeta. its all animated,skin is done, except for the ears, wich aregoing to be re skinmapped :rolleyes: well.. maybe not.. And then shijing is gonna do sounds and sprites, while I do the trans :)
  15. GhostfaceKillah

    Half-Life 2 Wallpaper

    Well I said I'd make it, and here it is: I think it could still use some tweaking, but I'm pretty happy. Critz/comments please...