1. AscensionX

    Pikkon And Piccolo Models

    Been thinking about making a pikkon model (possibly for buu or freiza), or changing piccolo to be buu or frieza, as they have a second form, this would present the possiblity of having 2 models of piccolo, one with a cape (and decent animations), and one without the cape, where he is beefier...
  2. B

    Suggestions to Modelers/Skinners

    To those ppl out there either re-skinning krillin/piccolo or doing a Mystic Gohan I suggest one thing. For their powered up form make Krillin get all battle dmged because I think it looks werid that he changes costume. Piccolo would be cool to start out with his cape/turban but take them off...
  3. Mistery X

    Piccolo model for Saiyan Crusades, Need CRITS!! badly

    check it out.. I've started on the head, just tell me what looks wrong and how I should fix it... even though its just the head so far!
  4. M

    Gohan and Picollo

    skinned by me :) my friend yorkes gohan.
  5. K

    Piccolos Power level

    can you make it: When piccolo is wearing is weighted training cloths his power level goes up, 1 every sec, or 10 sec sec. I know it won't make much of a difference but it's just that little close to DBZ ;)
  6. Y

    Whos has yamcha as a modle?

    I haven't seen no models of yamcha does anybody has one or know where i could find one?