1. A

    Pencil+ plugin

    Pencil+ plugin+crack for 3dsmax9 please:cool:
  2. I

    The Devil pencil drawing! please take time to comment

    just got a scanner so made a scan of this guy here. Tried using the crosshatch technique or how thats called not sure. Anyway enjoy! note: i made it simetrical in photoshop:talk:
  3. Mr. Phonso

    my pencil drawing :)

    hey all, havent posted here in a while, just decided to post one of my drawings i did on my free time during the weekend, hehe enjoy! (kinda a crappy camera tho)
  4. S

    Drivestock pencil

    ok, well i cant be arsed to explain it all again so just click the Dev art link: crits comments? i know i messed up a lot but i was pretty.... tired Btw browse through drivestocks gallery, she looks outstanding... imo
  5. S

    Pencil Drawed Vegeta

    Here is it: Sorry if its a lil screwed I am sleepy and my hand is shaky well crits
  6. Es_Trunks2

    Es_Trunks2's Pencil Anime

    I'll post all of my anime here so i dont have to make alot of threads, heres something i did at 5 am. not very good but i tried, goku based image, think of the expression as an "Oh Crap" moment **EDIT** I removed this image because it sucked too bad...go down for better drawings**EDIT**
  7. T

    Goku And GT. Saiyaman (pencil art)

    nuff said...
  8. S

    Verious Pencil sketches of DBNG

    this is how teck will look as a kid, ssj: hope you like, i might draw a pic of him normal later
  9. S

    Gohan from NG (quick pencil art)

    here you go: enjoy!
  10. Tweek

    Buu WIP (am sorta stuck -_-)

    ..Keh iv so far managed the body but iv re done the hand like 4 times :( and they r realy Pissssin me off now ;( . Also Thanks 2 SMO 4 the Base skin edited by MEEE :) . If n e would could give us sum ideas and crits 2 wot i done then Tankz ;D The prob is when ever i make the...
  11. E

    My first Photoshop drawing

    Hey everyone I just got photoshop and I just drew this. Its completely done in photoshop. Here it is if it doesnt work copy and paste As you can see I guess I messed up the Ear badly but how about the...
  12. DBZFever

    My Drawing

  13. B

    photoshop prob

    ehm, sicne yesterday my paintbrush/pencil tools are ****ed, for example, when i choose a 2 pixel brush and i draw there wont be a line, and when i use a bigger brush (10 or something) then it draws a 2 pixel line, its weird and *** and i would like to know how to get rid of it (its photoshop 6.0)
  14. B

    can't draw, but what the hell ...

    what does a 17 year old boy do during math lessons? draw goku :p i know, i shouldnt go 20 times over the same line :p
  15. GoJita

    Pic i drew check it out some d00d i drew from hitman 2 and yes i know he headless im fixing that i just use a number 2 pencil and i drew it sketchy
  16. Loki

    Another Wallpaper Request

    Yah you all know the drill color preferably BLUE This time I want a Chobits wallpaper, those of you who dont know what it is go buy the manga. Oh one more thing im very picky so you should show me the BG before you modify pictures and stuff. Im kinda pointing towards the style in my sigs just...
  17. G

    My new pic

    As promised here's my newest pic didnt take long (copy and paste)
  18. E


    I finally got some of my drawings scanned. Even though the scanning isnt all that good of quality. You can still see them. Enjoy :D . Here is Majin Vegeta. And here is a second of Majin Vegeta right before he blows up part of the stadium. Here is Goku as a SSJ3. Notice, I...
  19. USJTrunks


    I didn't draw these, just colored them in. Copy and paste the links.
  20. E

    sum of my art work

    ok i wanted to show sum stuff :S im not keen on this but i was bored anyway and im a bad colourer on paper, im better on adobe as the next pic ya prolly will see :tired: and and thats it ;) maybe soon ill put sum more up, im a mod texturer and web designer and you can...