1. S

    hows my new sig?

  2. SSJ_Bardock

    Is this Good for MS Paint?

    Is this Good for MS Paint?+Share ur sigs I wanna see Is the -=[TIS] SSJ Bardock sig good for MS Paint? Aren't you guys happy I have a real sig finally :D :D :D :D ehem:\
  3. OneWingedAngel

    Paint Shop Pro 7

    K i just got Paintshop Pro 7, and i was wondering is this a good program to make sigs or is it just a bust and really no better then Paint. What i'm getting at is was this worth my time? if so is it possible to make good sigs with this?
  4. V


    How do you apply the skin you have made to your model in MilkShape? Is there a way? What file format can it be? .bmp? .jpg? Is there a specified program to make skins or can you use Microsoft Paint?
  5. D

    Comments to my Vegeta skin

    Comments to my (improved) Vegeta skin I want to hear your comments about this skin, I made in Paint *lol. And look at normal vegetas mouth (?) , what a detail. lol Ok say what you want to say.
  6. Akhkaru

    MS3D UV mapping?

    How do you UV map in MS3D, cause I wanna skin models I am planning on doing :)
  7. VivaLaPineapple

    a quick queston for -[gf]- tien

    hey how do u make that little 3d box effect u have on your sig?
  8. OneWingedAngel

    Sig Test!

    uhh i made this sig today and i want your guyses oppinion on it (i know the writing sucks but i don't know how to make the writing kool looking) so post your response here:
  9. Q

    My First Skin

    Hey everyone this is my first skin i have ever tryed to do before. I had no idea wut i was doing but in the end i came up with this i know alot of u will think it sux but its my first one so dont flame me for it
  10. OneWingedAngel

    Model Pic?

    uhh how do i show a pic of a model i did? and how do i convert a .MS3D in a way i can play as it in ESF and other mods!? please help