1. Arcader

    New Score in: Pads Arena

    Viper is the new Pads Arena champion, achieving a highscore of: 171.000! Head over to the Arcade to claim your trophy - Play Now!
  2. Arcader

    New Score in: Pads Arena

    Aurum is the new Pads Arena champion, achieving a highscore of: 161.000! Head over to the Arcade to claim your trophy - Play Now!
  3. S

    alternate ps3 pads?

    I love my ps3, but i must say, I prefer the Xbox pad. Main problem with playstation pads I have is the thumbsticks are slippy and the triggers.... aren't really triggers. as well as it being a touch too small. I'm just wondering if anyone has come across any alternatives? I'm thinking of getting...
  4. L

    Mouse Pads... Anyone Use The Cool Ones?

    I recently got a mouse pad that has a bump to rest my wrist on.. it's prety good but that do you prefer. i used to use justa old fashioned black one
  5. Jimesu_Evil


    The Father of Goku has decided to be part of ESF, and he asked me personally to help him get in! Not really, I just made a model of him. *Pic removed* -grOOvy This is an edit of Brollman's Bardock (I just made it 1.1 compatible, added a transparent scouter, and fixed a couple of other...
  6. H

    My Name Vegeta!

    OK here's a small edit I made....just added shoulders to the armor, and gave non-ssj a more "Vegeta Shaped" hair.... Credits: (need name) = Namek Vegeta Edit Logan(??) = More spidey hair ESF-Team = Frieza's shoulders PIC!! I downloaded the Namek vegeta from GSF site and it...
  7. HyperSaiyaman

    King Vegita Model!

    First of all Credits to " D.C. Darkling " for the model; Hello there i made a reskin of king vegeta all it needs is a neckclace and the cape here a pic of the model: if some1 want to do the cape and the neckclace for this model just pm me or my msn is
  8. Nuttzy

    for those of you waiting for pro's frieza

    undoubtedly his will be better, tis is more or less a recolor and rescale of the alpha meta cooler on redsaiyan, its tested and it works just fine ingame, aside from the death ball being a bit low, (inside his body) but itll tide you over, and as crappy as it be its better than the current...
  9. Ryoko

    Latest drawing

    Help me draw hands because I cant :cry: Any crits (I know the hands are pooo)
  10. D.C. Darkling

    saiyan saga vegeta

    Someone made one. I have to say sory buddy.. I take it back.. the models NOT good. :/ I wanted to reskin it but then I found out why the skin ws bad.. Alot of lines and holes... model aint finished yet. nice idea but its poorly done. :( Anywayz back on topic I'm gona try to... hope I can...
  11. B

    First Vegeta[fight with goku]

    here a pic
  12. God Gundam

    God's Piccolo Wip

    with some help from myster x, gg has gotten better, and he has produced a kick ass model. now enjoy your friend and mine. for GHP i present to you........ PICCCOLO!!! heres the link if you cant see it
  13. T

    Nappa WIP

    well its a bunch of esf models and skins put together and so far im going on a hour probabbly will be done tommorw i might put a schouter on him and for his trans give him no amor,,, i dont take any pride in this cause its mostly all not mine... im just doing it for the fans and i love nappa...
  14. K

    USSJ Vegeta Help!

    I made a USSJ Vegeta Model but can't put it anywhere... (I edited the one in ESF) But I don't know how to skin OR make it an ESF model Useable...