or no

  1. H

    just a question not sure if its been asked yet or not

    its about that new melee thing i aint played esf in ages but is that melee new setting in use already or is it gonna take a while to come out?
  2. P

    search for modellers/ skinners/ animators

    I need someone serious that knows how to build moddels and skins or animator. Send me a private message if somebody intresting- he'll get more info. after he send me a private message. THX
  3. Majin_You

    Notice - WonID's

    Derived from the Devil Information Thread is the following list of WonID's. Please add them to your autoexec.cfg file to ban the WonID's that Devil and/or other crashers have been known to use. ------------------------------------------------- Name(s) Associated with Server Crashers (Past...
  4. Baaja

    3DS Max 4

    How do you open an hl .mdl model in 3dsm4
  5. §lipKnot

    should i keep reskining or call it quits

    hey i was wounder if i should stop reskining i dont know what to reskin and i dont know what peeps like so if u could tell me if u think my reskins are bad or good it would help go to my page and tell me plz
  6. VivaLaPineapple

    WOG wallpaper

    http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/2495439 wham took me awhile to do
  7. G

    problem on hammer

    I have set everything up at the beginning to esf so i can start making maps but all the buttons are grey I cant do anything!! Is there something I am supposed to do? plz help! and while im here why the hell sometimes when i go back to threads coz i wanna post sumfink there closed??? when i made em??
  8. G

    KLICK ME !

    Ok ppl, i only want to post advanced animators here 'cause i got a question of which i couldnt find the answer here and out the web :rolleyes: me wants to know if the 3dsmax biped/skeleton is compatible to be exported to smd format or 3ds format (modlers know what i mean) aswell. @any...
  9. T

    chibi trunks

    Hello people... Please, can we see a chibi trunks model? It would be really good and cool and all because some of you may have heard of the ESF movie Dragon Ball: Reanimations. We need a chibi trunks and a staff member tried to make one but..eh...didnt quite work out, and lets leave it at that...
  10. M

    Teleport .spr file?

    What is teleports .spr file? I want to make a sprite that are blue streaks when you teleport instead of particles spreading apart. Please help me and if the file isn't grey and white i need help getting a host for pictures and the .spr file. Thank you.
  11. Mistery X

    What Future Trunks should really look like!

    Well made this model a while back, got it skinned recently.. check it out OH WAIT COULD IT BE FOR ESF? O_O HAHA no, its not cause it would never fit in with the other models Ah to bad eh? :P If you want to see WAY WAY WAY more visit the Saiyan Crusades forums, join sign up and be...
  12. T

    BS/PS Beam /No Explosion Bug

    Sometimes when I am PS against someone who is PS or BS against my beam, and I use all of my ki up the beam just keeps going until it hits the edge of the map killing the other person. Problem is that the beam doesn’t explode because it appears to stop moving and I am still attached to it...
  13. Warrior_Elite45

    How do you make clip boxes?

    I was wonderin' how would I make a clip box around an object such as a tree?
  14. Black Saiyan


    its a pieace off crap it keeps crashing when i gotto complie why the peace off crap i feel like throwing it out the window can any1 help
  15. F

    new crosshair model

    I dont know if this thread belongs here or not so ill just post it here i want to extract a sprite i downloaded from redsaiyan but it says in winrar and winace its currupt. can someone give me the sprite itself cause my winrar and winace dont work.
  16. VivaLaPineapple

    one of my drawings(its a good one)

    http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/1565918 the description aswell as image is in that link(non colored version). the colored version is directly under this sentence.
  17. Demi-Shadow

    Link banner

    Click the link to visit MLOC forums, sign up and join in with the discussions! (cheap plug) Tell me what you guys think of this as an affilate button for my forum. If it's good enough I might ask about affilating with ESF, and maybe some other sites. Thanks
  18. S

    Where is the guy that said???

    that he created a aura for the hair ( yellow and blue lightning) So what about it did he created allready or not
  19. AscensionX

    Ssj2 Aura Colour

    OKay, I have finished the compiling issues with my ssj2 aura model. The only issue now is to decide upon the colour. The colour selected will be THE ONLY COLOUR the aura is in game. It will also be used WITH ALL MODELS. i cannot change this because i am merely mortal with respects to...
  20. S

    just wanted to ask everybody -

    what do u think of my drawings? drawing skills? give me everything u've got! u think u suck? say so! u think they r most impressive (always wanted to say that...hehe)? say that too! everything that comes to ur mind! and b harsh! if u think im 1 of the worst just tell me