1. Skyrider

    Windows 7 - Operation System Not Found

    My GF had 2 HDD's. One with Windows 7 and the other one wasn't used at all but both were connected when windows 7 was being installed. I've removed the one that wasn't used at all as I needed it for my own PC. But after I booted up the PC again it keeps showing the error "Operation system not...
  2. M

    Operation Iraqi Freedom Officially Ending

    Here's an excerpt: Source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100819/ap_on_re_mi_ea/ml_iraq_americans_head_home Discuss.
  3. sub

    Operation Tien?

    This is dead, right? How far along did this get before dying?
  4. M

    Operation Flashpoint 2 Confirmed

    Source: http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/operation-flashpoint-2/781863p1.html
  5. donnierisk

    Operation Tien suggestions.

    Well since Operation Tien is revived I think that it would be useful posting a suggestion thread for it, so all of you guys that have any ideas on how to improve or add anything for Tien just post, okay well here's mine so far: Attacks: Solar Flare Tri-beam Charge first...
  6. Ravendust

    Community Project: Operation Tien

    (credits to Eclipse, Teknik and Wheres) It seems people are once again willing to animate 1.3's Tien, but the old thread is redundant by now so I made a new one. Here is a list of (1.2) anims for him, obviously Darktooth has both team status and moderator status, so he can edit this list to...
  7. Eclipse

    Operation: Link (Adult Link)

    Ok, since someone wanted this I'll post it, but I feel really EWWWWWW doing it. This model is over 2 years old and I did it in my free time while I was still in Highschool....it's nasty I warn you....I can't stand this model and I don't know why i ever thought it was good, but someone said link...
  8. Growler

    Operation: Link (Adult Link)

    Ok, I have been hearing alot about how people are getting sick of doing dbz characters. I haven't seen a Link around here, so anyone who WANTS to, put the badge on and work on Link. Skiwan is already drawing a reference for our use (supposedly) I will be working on him myself. So, for all those...
  9. Mccdbz5

    An Operation Vegetto

    You know how there's an operation Tien and there might be an operation Gotenks, well what about an operation Vegetto, he has lots of unique attacks, and could be real fun. Here's Vegetto's attacks and stuff: Normal form: 4: Kamehamaha Transformation 1, Super Vegetto: (can not do buddy system...
  10. A

    Operation Tien

    Tien wasn't finished in time, right ? Well ... Tien is the community's chance to give ESF the very personal touch... and I want Tien to be finished and included into ESF 1.3 ... and everyone who wants this, too, and has already started working on a Tien model is supposed to come here and support...
  11. S

    Operation Ivy Tribute (WIP)

    long time scince ive posted any art, this is a small line art pic (which i will be colouring) of operation ivy, they were a great punk band 1987-1989, and i love their music, anyway here's the pic: Crits?
  12. Buce

    Operation FlashPoint

    Hello, i bought this game around 1 year ago and now i cant find the cd key, if anyone has the game and is not using a cd key plz private message it to me thanks alot...
  13. Ness

    A problem

    I made a map,I compiled the .bsp file, it appears on the maplist on ESF, but wen i try 2 run it, It comes up with an HL has performed an illegal operation. Plz help!!thnx in advance
  14. B

    Fixing the crash/illegal operation

    My ESF crashed right before i got into the game EVERY SINGLE TIME. with that annoying "send error report" XP message. Fix: Close the MSN messenger icon. ESF works fine now.. Its all in a days work for BicycleRepairMan.
  15. S

    ESF Illegal Operation

    Every Mod that i have works except for ESF it use to work fine. But i stopped playing for a week then wanted to play and now i get and Illegal operation while its Spooling Data. Its the only mod i have that does it and i reinstalled hal-life 2 times and i reinstalled the mod 2 times if anyone...
  16. D

    Illegal operation!

    Please tell me how to fix illegal operations... I have done everything ... Done a clean install... Put fmod in the right folder...Updated Why wont this work! Im dying to play this game it looks so cool! ( also to the people who are creating this game Thankyou! :) )
  17. K

    Illegal Operation still happing ARGH!

    HL caused an invalid page fault in module HL.DLL at 015f:088602c9 i copied that from the details part I don't know what to do! i love your mods But I'm unable to play it!!
  18. K

    ARGH! illegal operation!

    I don't know if this is a known bug or one your working on fixing, and sorry if it is, but Every time i play ESF i'l go in, Host Sever on the Net i'll be playing and out of no where It will Crash! Illegal operation! I can't stand it!! Please Help!!! ------------------------ P.S. I...