1. S

    OMG MOVIE THREAD!!!! What could it mean?!
  2. S

    OMG POTW THREAD!!!!!!!!

    Has anyone seen the latest POTW? What could it mean? ;)
  3. Grega

    OMG Raven Trunks

    Birthday: February 14, 1985 ITS YA BIRTHDAY Have a great 21st cheers m8 \o/
  4. $sj Goku


    Ok guys like said in some other thread IM ON A ROLE WITH THESE IDEAS THEY Keep coming :D OK SO HERE GOES... ok adv melee yea.. eh :/ it seems kinda slow and the animation aren't fluint at all... so.... HOW ABOUT THIS??? THE SAME ADV MELEE CONCEPT EXCEPT When the players...
  5. Delusional

    Omg o.o

    I haven't played or even visited the ESF site in a few months... I almost forgot about it! so uhh...whats going on folks :P
  6. S


    hi erm.. i want to start a server with my friends.. i make one.. give them my ip... but they cant join..=??? why cant they join?
  7. Slaxor

    Charged turbo - OMG! PICS! :O

    Ok, here goes. Holding down the turbo key when charging would bring up a "super turbo" bar. So... uh, yeah. Pics kind of speak for themselves. - The bar could fade back to green after prolonged use.
  8. Z

    omg help with bug plz

    this is total bull ****, i wana play offline so i make a lan server and just play bots but every time not even 20mins into playing it freezes or crashes, i need help, i dont know whats causeing it, i simply make a lan server useing create server at the menu, and yah it crashes after playing for...
  9. Grega


    [SAS]Orion have a great 22nd you hear. Ryoko you have a great 22nd to you hear. /gives birthday cookies/ and have some cake to
  10. Tsunami


    Its Penut Butter Jelly Time HAHAHAHAHA PWNZORS!!!!!!! O_O
  11. G

    omg!! cant belive how stupid i am...

    :fight: :fight: About a week or two ago i posted questions what to do since i bought Battlefield 2 but had trouble playing it since i dont have a cd-player..and recentley i bougt a brand new extern cd-burner/player. All happy that i can finally play bf2 online i put in the cd..but nothing...
  12. Flamespirit

    OMG i cant play!!!!!

    okay! i have steam and the newest version of ESF! heres the problem: when i start to play a little window comes for a sec an then goes away nothing happens ;( i need help (plz help n00b in the forum) :cry:
  13. Suh Dude


    Just kidding roflmao... I really suck at proportions. Maybe a few tips or fellow drawovers? wtf? :O
  14. Nuttzy

    liek OMG teh juggernaut

    this is another one of my attempts at getting back into modelling ^^. first a quick smooth shot now a simple flatshaded, (sorry now wireframes for joo, i got a few polyflow issues im working on. im not gonna hand you the keys to the "bash the model-mobile" just yet^^) and now a...
  15. Enix

    Omg I made a DBZ model...

    the world has come to an end: It's goten, and I plan to keep it pretty low poly, atm its just under 600 polys.
  16. A


    \o/ Happy bday Add o/
  17. S


    you see gentlemen, i just got half-life from my step brother. When he gave it to me, he forgot the case. When i asked him for the case, he said "uuh, i don't know where it is." Now i can't play ESF.. Does anyone know how to get a new code besides buying a new game? I appreciate the help :yes:
  18. Suh Dude

    Uh oh... [URGENT! OMG]

    This isn't a joke or anything, but I swallowed a whole piece of Jolly Rancher, wrapped in my mouth and it's already in my stomach! What should I do!??!?!
  19. Wangster

    omg, he didint got pie!

    i wasnt planning on posting this here, i wont mention the reasons cuz it wud prolly start a whole discussion of a billion pages long, the main reason im posting it here is cuz Sohl is down atm >< anyways , here it is.. i didint know what to do with the hair, so id figure id give him a rock...
  20. C


    This is loooooooooooooong ago =p