1. zmaster

    OMG this is so brutal

    :D have i ever told you guys how much i love you (no homo);D:cool::smile:
  2. H


    Just got this when browsing the forum: Lawlz.
  3. jp

    I know its a bit late.. but.. omg and then please watch: how to melt an easter bunny.
  4. Mkilbride

    omg, fyi, and lol are now considered words by the Oxford Dictionary,news-10599.html Damn.
  5. omnomnom

    Omg Please D:

  6. phrack50

    Street Fighter vs Tekken! OMG YES! Check out da video, looks like a pretty sweeeet union! I can't wait!! :) The 2 greatest fighting games of all time!
  7. omnomnom

    OMG why cant i get info on this! HELP

    RRR this is really irritating for me, ive been looking around, posting questions about this 6-9 times, and looked it up on the web, and here.......NOTHING! NOTHING TELLS ME HOW TO DOWNLOAD Big Pack 8.4! i dont know whre to put it what file NOTHING! ITS SO FRUSTURATING! i feel like slamming my...
  8. God Gundam


    dont mess with ALEX LOUIS ARMSTRONG-SAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! meh, setting my Ghostbusters stuff aside for a bit while I figure out skinning stuff for it, I decided to pick this model back up again. Crits/comments welcome, enjoy D=
  9. H


    hey guys,i'm new and i want to ask you something...i just downloaded the new ESF 1.3 OPEN BETA and...after i install it,i enter the game,change game to ESF 1.3 and create game,(i put on LAN GAME of course) and it enters the game and in half of second it get;s out of the game...what can i do...
  10. S

    omg plz help fast!

    k ive been trying to download this game for like 4 days now and ive tryed all of the files and i have steam downloaded to and when i tryed to download it on the old website it did the same thing as the new one it gets to were the install location and it wont let me click install so i try and use...
  11. Odin

    Omg I'm Calling you out

    AfTeRsHoCk (26), SSJ5gotenks (25), SupaSlice (24), Shadow579 (23), Shinji (21), Loki (20), T{X}P (20), Joe-E (20), lololo_ (20), HazzY (20), MajinSupream666 (20), hiddenmist (20), asmatick (20), d_s_gamefreak (19), duy (18), Gh0st-Xer0 (17) Happy birthday to all of you...
  12. MinioN

    OMG problems with the Orange Box

    **** please help fast guys.I bought the orange box for 50 euros and i have no idea how to install them.I put the CD and i install steam and log in to my account.Then i active the Orange Box with my activation key.And becouse steam was in drive C: i didnt had space to insall the whole orange...
  13. Slofreak

    OMG ! PC ESF game !!!

    :laff::laff::laff: do u think this whould be ever possible esf pc game not a mod bu a real game ? plizz rate
  14. dan_esf_fanatic

    OMG, frsrblch is T3H D3V1L!!!

    It's a sign.... I better get on his good side o_o lol j/k dude XD
  15. john_volkov

  16. K


    woooooooooooooooooooooooow i cant believe this game isnt done yet, seriously thats pathetic since 1.2 new games and mods have been created and sequels to those games and mods have been created. u suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
  17. R


    @Ideas (1) =>> Make a command when i press 2x times " Z " it will instant transform, but with less power then a full transformation. This is cool when using in combos like trow > transfor >> ki blast or kame... or something :D (2) =>> Make a target locator ( On \ OFF ) i can see you as...
  18. Xen Strife


    i was watching channel 5 csi:miami but it was on a brake and an advert came on and it was about a person :S but she had TWO HEADS NO JOKE SCARED ME LOL!!!!!!!!:scared:
  19. light-seeker

    OMG a video I made

    Thought I would post one of my older music videos, feel free to view my otherones. there is a DBZ one made by me in my profile on you tube, this one is my FAV.
  20. john_volkov

    OMG Crank

    OMG Crank WOOOW that was the best action movie i'v ever seen omg JUST GO AND SEE IT