1. Viper

    Kid get's hunted down and beaten by some older dude...

    Apparently this 46 old man was being 'baited' by the the kid in Black Ops until the guy lost it and went down to his house to put down the beatdown. Even though this dude could've muted the kid and end the argument, I'm totally siding with him. There are way too many kids these days that act...
  2. S

    Something for the older generation..

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfCdNrRNS4g I remember being very young and my brothers playing on a commodore 64, also, we had a ZX81 though it was rarely used. But anyway, saw it, and thought maybe some of the older generation here could relate ;p
  3. Deathshot

    Question to Older ESF Members.

    What started ESF? I mean what got you wanting to make it for HL and what all started it?
  4. Deman

    Fun Older FPS games for the PC

    My dad is into FPS games on the PC. He doesn't like online play and sticks to just single player. In the past he's played HL1 and pretty much all the related games to that(blue shift, opposing force, etc...) as well as the single player Unreal games. I believe he's also finished Max Payne 1...
  5. Suh Dude

    Need older ATI Drivers...

    I swear the new ATI Catalysts drivers are freaking ****, my bro can't even run source games anymore without it having a blue screen of death. I've reinstalled DirectX, Catalyst, etc. So, does anyone know where I can find old ATI Catalyst drivers? I can't find a clean copy without something...
  6. Skyrider

    Vista as first OS + installing older OS = very bad

    I attempted to install XP as my second OS.. What did it do? Raped both windows and boot manager.. Looked on the internet that doing such thing breaks both Operation Systems.. Nice job Microsoft for doing this... -_-, anyone else had this before?
  7. Mr.Lukyas

    FRSRBLCH got older!

    Happy Bday bish Eat this cake ;)
  8. Eon

    Post your older sigs!

    simple ;o http://img72.imageshack.us/img72/7884/waynesworld1uv8.gif http://img409.imageshack.us/img409/9637/optypwnsjl0.gif http://img111.imageshack.us/img111/1249/hendrixsig1xxzp9.jpg
  9. Grega

    Mastas getting older

    Aperantly hes 23 now. So have a great 23rd Masta :p
  10. Holmisen

    help whit older esf

    i dont know but in esf 1.2.2 cant i play the new map ex esf_janemba esf_kami and more why i can only play the older map plz help
  11. Z

    Older ESF Versions

    I m actually looking for a OLDER ESF Version that can be played without steam , wich allready includes the meele and the combos can someone please tell me wich that is ;) thanks :D
  12. M

    Some older composings.

    Well im not sure if these will fit in good with the game but here are some tracks i did about a year ago. http://www.unc.edu/~c3ooo/Magic%20Theme.mp3 http://www.unc.edu/~c3ooo/MQ/Dune.mp3
  13. M

    Older characters.

    Like could their be a kid gohan and raditz model from the older beginning of the show? Maybe even nappa and a few others from around the beginnings. I think it would be cool to have some of the characters from the earlier sagas in the game and give more choices for other people.
  14. Mr. Phonso

    older neji

    this is the neji from the manga (means it hasnt been shown on the anime yet), its still a wip so some things may be missing
  15. R

    Havent posted since older stlye of boards

    So I guess this makes me a newbie once again. Ive been a member for ages, having troubles downloading the mod from the mirrors. But I will keep trying :) Im a 2d sprite artist and im worknig on an MMORPG with some friends based on Naruto. I play guitar, surf, draw, watch anime and thats about...
  16. M

    Newgrounds flashes, 1 is for older ppl only plz, no nudity but violence

    Here are 2 flash's i love, esp mr happy face makes me laugh everytime he runs lol. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/185174 http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/185015 Like i said before my happy face the first one is for mature audiences only please, don't need to have ppl running...
  17. P

    Piccolo >_>

    http://www.dodstudios.net/uploads/uploads/picc9.jpg http://www.dodstudios.net/uploads/uploads/piccy1.jpg Critism greatly appreciated. My thanks goes out to Zereth for his comments and suggestions.
  18. D

    where is the map

    i looked through the old gallery and found a pic of a strange map here and here i don´t know this map but it´s looking great so was this just a test map which shouldn´t be released?
  19. S

    New picture('s) of Gokan

    here's two versions of a gokan picture, which 1 is best? any coments?
  20. VivaLaPineapple

    my very horrible short animation

    yes u can animate with absalutely no animating techniques. yeah anyway i took an older render i did and stuck some hands with it an moved it around. only posting this because dark one wanted to see my animating skills. i must warn u its a very crude animation...