1. The Deco

    It is offical

    Xenogears > Chrono Trigger. And I hate to say it! (Plot and character wise alone)
  2. Ryguy5357

    An offical ESF newsletter!

    I think adding a newsletter sign up would be a great idea that would help people who don't go to the site as often as they would like (cell phoners(not me)) informed. also it would make the news get to people faster ^_^ please consider this;)
  3. ZeroNightmare

    Supreme Commander, Offical Movie 1;action;1&om_act=convert&click=topslot they talk about the BETA at the end of the video, and i think they show off all the experimental units.
  4. blackplague

    The offical page for people who make no sense at all

    Miss me? =]
  5. G

    NEW BK3 trailer, offical

  6. B

    DBZ Live Movie Offical Images

    These are poster images but this is what goku and vegeta will look like in the movie fox just released this.. it looks just like them i cant wait vegeta looks awsome :) and yes these are real. Enjoy.
  7. F


    Hi guys, this is a DBZ trivia! a person posts a question, the person that answers right, gets to make up the next question: Hehe.. I start first... This is a definitly hard question: Why Does Trunks transform so early?
  8. Big Bang Attack

    HAPPY Halloween!!!!!!! THE OFFICAL Halloween thread!!!

    well its Halloween here in Aus and i throught i might aswell create a thread, because i could :P so im getting ready with my eggs to peg at little kiddies who come to my door, teach them 'ALL YOUR CANDY BELONGS TO US' and yes there is no point to this thread but to show the google pic
  9. SierraSonic

    There is no offical topic on this in Bug Reports

    So I decided to make it offical; * In steam there is an error that you cant look into the KeyBoard option without it remove all keys. * Steam also makes the HUD look to bright, compared to it in the same resolution and same OGL settings. * Some GFX settings, like beam settings, arnt...
  10. U

    advise for esf 1.2

    who ever is making esf 1.2 should put 2 sounds for goku because when goku is a kid in gt and he turns ssj4 he does not have the voice of a little kid so the only way to fix that is to put two sounds for goku one for normal and the other for ssj. Think about people. :]...
  11. -{VC}-EsKiMo

    milkshape 3d tutorial

    can u give me some links for milkshape 3d tutorial
  12. B

    y havent all the offical esf servers updated to 1.1

    im just wondering y only 1 official esf server updated to 1.1.
  13. B

    ESF League

    Hey The Esf League is Starting Soon Join Fast!!!! Jion League Now :)
  14. I

    FinalShine (Offical Post)!!

    ok ive herd alot of talk about the final shine attack for vegeta post here for an offical count.
  15. G

    Will a Brolli skin ever be made?

    I was wondering if a Brolli skin will ever be made for ESF? there is one already for dragon modz, and i want to know if i could take that one and put it in esf? will there be a brolli model in esf beta 2? if there are brolli models can ugive me a list of the sites that have him, besides redsaiyn
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