1. omnomnom

    ARG! This has been driving me nuts!

    How come ESF, v1.23, with the ESX and Big Pack v4.4 doest look like the graphics in THESE vids man!: I've been looking around for an explanation too! Does open betta final look like that? the 1.3 version? does it look like the POTW with Gohan reshing at you and...
  2. Spunky

    ROFL Kicked in the Nuts!

    Kicked in the Nuts! Funniest damn vid I've seen in god knows how long.
  3. J

    ever been kicked in the nuts? thats what its all about...
  4. dan_esf_fanatic

    game file missing! I'm going nuts plz help

    Hey guys i have a strange problem. I installed esf beta 1.2. and the 1.2.1 patch . When i start the game in LAN Mode when i want to play with bots the console tells me that im missing a file called which is located in the "events" folder which is in Half-Life/esf i guess...
  5. U

    Guy wins 100GRAND!!! Goes NUTS! So did I #2 >=^D
  6. C

    Ad-ware is starting to drive me nuts!

    I keep getting popups like this: When I'm playing ESF or CS. It forces esf to minimize and go back to my desktop so that I can close the popup and when I go back to the game everything is messed up. I've tried everything to get rid of this popup problem. The programs I have used are...
  7. Brim

    Teh mean pwnage...your nuts are mine!!!

    So I have been waiting in the shadows for a while, watching...learning...and the time has come for me to issue my challenge. I, teh pwner of teh nuts, challenge you Magus|...teh mean pwnage /me picks up leather glove and slaps teh Magus| in the face, then slaps his balls I challenge you...
  8. T

    Crack Killz *CG*

    yea another little thing i did.... took me like 40 mins or some****... im going to make some more and post them when i got the time.... my inspiration was my herion attik uncle....
  9. Guru_San

    New Fusions!

    Here are some new fusion pics, I no they r arnt real b4 i get flamed just thought i should share Fooler (lol) I like this one odd... ...?