1. Sicron

    There IS someone who can beat Chuck Norris. He can. On a side note. Did you know I am riding a horse...backwards?
  2. Deathshot

    You can't stop Chuck Norris. Such a great song.
  3. The Deco

    Chuck Norris vs

    POE Poe has Red Beam of Death attack. Cheer up someone to death. Happiness super strength buff. Pink wave of sorrow and he can summon his other teletubbies buddies. Also he can die 3 times before he completely perishes. Chuck Norris can fly, roundhouse kick to the face, basic...
  4. Boogyman93

    Chuck Norris

    Pls don't remove this link. It's just the best.
  5. AligBorat

    Super Chuck Norris

    im here with a new game, the models are possibly not ripped from ESF :p Epic Game! Download Link:
  6. DJ-Ready

    Chuck Norris facts

    Ok, here it goes. Everybody posts one fact at a time :D <hr noshade> The word 'Kill' was invented by Chuck Norris. Other words were 'Die', 'Beer', and 'What'.
  7. Growler

    Chuck Norris is a douchebag rofl Conan..
  8. -Blaze-

    Chuck Norris in Oblivion trailer !rofl!

    See it by ur selfs: CHUCK LIVEZZZZ!!!!
  9. |Overlord|

    Chuck Norris Rap..... OHNOES!!!! /me runs away o_o.
  10. M

    Chuck Norris jokes

    What the hell is it with all the Chuck Norris jokes? I have been hearing them a lot lately and they are pretty ****ing stupid. What is the big obsession with Chuck Norris?
  11. Deman

    Chuck Norris Facts Most awesome website ever.